Sneak Peek: NEW Morphe Brushes x Deysi Danger Highlighter Palette

by - November 19, 2015

Morphe Brushes x Deysi Danger Highlighter Palette
Image Credit: @deysidanger
Deysi Danger has been hinting at her collaboration with Morphe Brushes for a while now. But looks like it's finally closer to being a reality. This picture is a sneak peek of the packaging. While the outside is stunning, unfortunately Morphe usually goes for the sleek matte black packaging on the inside. I highly doubt this will be different for this collab.
Morphe Brushes x Deysi Danger Hightligher Palette swatch
Image Credit: @deysidanger
Whoa! Here Deysi is glowing like a golden goddess in one of the shades from her upcoming highlighter palette. Do you even need to see more?!
Morphe Brushes x Deysi Danger Hightligher Palette
Image Credit: @deysidanger
To make this an even more irresistible deal, the highlighter palette will have an unprecedented nine shades in total. I'm not a highlighter junkie and I think I have more than I will ever need. But I mean Morphe Brushes prices are always right, the product quality is amazing and her glow is undeniable. Plus with nine shades I'm sure there's bound to be some unique finds among the bunch that don't resemble any highlighters I currently own. 
Image credit: @morphebrushes
While we don't know what the shades inside will look like, I can say with certainty based on hints that the product itself will look like this on the inside. Morphe while known for affordable, quality cosmetics is not known for their packaging. Why? Because all their products are uniform. The boxes may have some designs when it's a special item but take the box away and all the palettes are slim black cases with white lettering on it. And the format is always the same. So since she said she's releasing a 9 shade highlighter palette and posted a sneak peek with square pans then this is what it will look like since Morphe just recently released some new palettes that feature the same design. Those are large pans so they're not skimping on product either. This will definitely be a hot ticket item so don't miss out because I am positive this will sell out especially given how popular highlighters are right now.
Deysi Danger rocking' some shades from her Morphe Brushes hightligher palette
Image Credit: @deysidanger
Here's more pics of Deysi rocking her highlighter palette in case you needed more convincing (which I doubt lol). No details yet on price or actual release date yet but it's sure to be budget friendly. However, I will definitely update you guys when I know more.

Happy hunting!

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