The e.l.f. Skin Care Line is Now Available!

by - February 26, 2015

Image Credit: +e.l.f. Cosmetics 
The e.l.f. Skincare line is now available for purchase. During the preorders e.l.f. did say that not all products would be available at the initial launch. They allowed their customers to vote on the products they were most interested in seeing become a part of the line. This was a very smart tactic in order to gauge the interest in their new venture into the skincare industry. Now as a result, the launch only includes four products all formulated to help you "hydrate and nourish for glowing skin":
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There is also the option to purchase the full skincare regimen set, which is $42. Would've been nice of them to offer a small discount for purchasing all the items as a bundle. There's really no incentive. Just saves you time from having to add each item to your cart separately. 
All skin care items are currently excluded from any non-shipping promotional codes
Expect to see it at their usual retailers come Summer (CVS, Walgreens and Target etc.) but for now their new skin care line is only available online. Shop now at

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