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by - August 18, 2016

When it comes to foundation, a few companies have missed the mark this year releasing collections with limited ranges that favored lighter skin tones. Those of us with darker skin found ourselves feeling unimportant despite the fact that we have long supported these very same companies. Why must there be a public outcry for these companies to then say they're working on extending the range with shades that should've been there in the first place?! We shouldn't have to complain or even ask for that matter, it should be the industry standard. Unfortunately it's not and if companies want our (people of color) money too then they need to come correct. But fortunately, there are some companies that understand that and Anastasia Beverly Hills has made it very clear that they are one of them with the launch of their new stick foundation line.
It's clear ABH has put a lot of effort and time into making sure they cover all skin tones and undertones within these skin tones as well, which is no small feat. It has been noticed and it is very much appreciated.
Just check out the array of skin tones the ABH foundation sticks can match
I was expecting a higher price point so I am happy it is only $25. I am a fan of cream foundation as it offers medium to full coverage but I don't like that they usually cost more for less product. However, a little does goes a long way in general with cream foundation so there's that to consider as well. Here's how it compares to other cream stick foundations on the market:
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills, $25 (0.35 oz)
  • Bobbi Brown, $46 (0.31 oz)
  • Black Opal, $9.95 (0.50 oz)
  • Maybelline, $6.99 (0.32 oz)
  • Make Up For Ever, $43 (0.44 oz)
  • NYX Cosmetics, $9.99 (0.21 oz)
  • Lancome, $42 (0.31 oz)
  • IMAN, $15.99 (0.28 oz)
It can be hard to find your foundation shade in a new brand whether it's online or in-store. But ABH just made your process virtually struggle free. On Snapchat they compared all their shades to its closest MAC match to help you find your shade. I labeled all the shades to make to make it conveinent so I hope you find this guide helpful.
Anastasia Beverly Hills Fair Stick Foundation shades
Anastasia Beverly Hills Light Stick Foundation shades
ABH Light and Fair foundation shades with comparable MAC shades

Anastasia Beverly Hills Medium Stick Foundation shades
Anastasia Beverly Hills Medium Tan Stick Foundation shades
ABH Medium Tan and Medium foundation shades with comparable MAC shades
Anastasia Beverly Hills Dark Stick Foundation shades
Anastasia Beverly Hills Deep Stick Foundation shades

ABH Dark and Deep foundation shades with comparable MAC shades
The line up will also include a highlighter and three cool-toned contour shades. This is because a true contour is meant to mimic the shadow on one's face, which is not warm but rather a cool shade. So using a cool-toned shade would result in a more natural contour. However, commonly people just choose any shade that's about two shades darker than their skin tone. That may work for many but some may find they actually have to use a cool-toned shade as a warm brown just doesn't work for their skin tone.
Anastasia Beverly Hills has always been cruelty-fee but all of their foundation sticks are also vegan as well! You can find these new foundation sticks on the ABH website and as well at Sephora. Now available and only $25 each. Will you be picking one of these up?

Happy hunting!

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