NEW LASplash LE Enchanted Summer Collection

by - July 24, 2015

LASplash is back with a vengeance! (They were shut down for a short time due to a factory fire but they were able to bounce back quickly.) Their new Enchanted Summer Collection features pastel shades that are inspired by the Harry Potter series. These are actually their second set of shades inspired by this series. You can see my review and swatches here. They also have other products named after characters from other series as well. So it's safe to say there's a fellow geek behind this beauty brand and as a fan I approve lol. 
Image Credit: @LASplashCosmetics
Here's a better look at what the actual shades look like in the tube as promotional pics can sometimes show shades a little differently.
Image Credit: @LASplashCosmetics
Here's swatches of all the new LASplash shades. I am definitely attracted to the brighter shades but Ginny and Hermione are nice options as well especially if bright bold shades aren't quite your thing.
Image Credit: @anubismakeup
Severus looked like a mint shade on the arm but turns out it looks like the perfect liquid lipstick dupe of Melt Cosmetics Blitzed lipstick, which happens to be one of my favorite shades. So while I was excited to get this shade I don't actually need it.
Image Credit: @anubismakeup
This lavender is so lovely. Definitely a shade I would pick up, however, it happens to look a lot like Blow Pony, an upcoming shade from Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Although the LASplash formula is longer lasting, I prefer the JSC formula as it's lightweight and more comfortable to wear. So I'll be opting to pick up Blow Pony instead despite the fact that it costs a little more. However, if you like what you've seen then you can purchase these now on their website here at $14 each. Don't forget to use my code MUA338 to save 10% off!

Happy Hunting!

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