LASplash Cosmetics Smitten Lip Tint Swatches & Review

by - March 26, 2015

The first liquid lipstick I ever tried didn't have the best formula and it left me with a bad impression. I have since avoided liquid lipsticks. However, this year has shown a huge boost in their popularity due to popular brand Anastasia Beverly Hills releasing a collection so I had to give them another chance. While ABH has some shades I am eager to try I couldn't resist purchasing from LASplash Cosmetics when their formula was supposed to be just as good or better at a lower price point. Throw in the fact that they released a collection with names clearly inspired by Harry Potter (I'm a huge fan) and I was sold. Plus I love a bold lip and with colors like navy blue and green I couldn't resist.
The formula is waterproof and definitely long lasting. Unlike the Lip Couture collection, these don't need a special remover as a makeup wipe will do just fine. If that doesn't work for you than try something oil based. I did find these did feel a little dry on the lips. But a small price to pay for these beautiful colors. They are fully opaque mostly on the first swipe but some shades needed a second layer for good measure. Make sure the first layer is completely dry before the second layer is applied otherwise you will find that the lipstick will start flaking away after a couple hours.

>>UPDATE: The shades reviewed here were renamed to avoid possible copyright infringement. Nagini is now Komodo, Sirius is Deadly Nightshade, Raven Claw is Raven and Bellatrix is Bella Donna. 
LASplash Cosmetics Smitten Lip Tint in Nagini
LASplash Cosmetics Smitten Lip Tint in Sirius
LASplash Cosmetics Smitten Lip Tint in Bellatrix 
LASplash Cosmetics Smitten Lip Tint in Ravenclaw
As an HP fan, my one issue with this collection is that this shade shouldn't have been called Ravenclaw. Ravenclaw's house colors are blue and bronze so if a house name was going to be used it should've been Gryffindor. But otherwise all the names are fitting and makes me loves these lippies even more. Another thing to note about all these lippies is that they all have very small specks of matching glitter scattered throughout but it's hardly noticeable.
Wearing Ravenclaw 
Wearing Sirius

These two are probably my favorite shades although I liked Nagini more than I thought. They have some serious staying power. I took a nap, ate, drank, kissed and these lips were still perfect. With oily food, I did see some slight wear in the center but not by much. That gives these beauties an A+ in my book. I definitely will be ordering more and for only $12 you should get some too.
LASplash Smitten Lip Tint in Nagini, Sirius, Bellatrix & Raven Claw on dark skin
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