NEW Maybelline Rebel Bloom Limited Edition Color Tattoos & More

by - February 08, 2015

Image Credit: @msqueenbee617 for Lip Drama
UPDATE >>> 2/8/14 to include new pics, swatches and details about the display

Maybelline's Rebel Bloom collection has brought us pastel lipsticks and now they are bringing us more shades that are perfect for Spring. This display features new Rebel Bloom Color Tattoos, nail polishes and more.

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Image Credit: @msqueenbee617 for Lip Drama
New Color Tattoos are Petunia Punk (120) and Hibiscus Heartbreak (125). Both are pastel pinks with shimmer. There is also a third called Hydrangea Hype. Here are swatches of the Color Tattoos:
Image Credit: @msqueenbee617 for Lip Drama
Image Credit: @cosmeticchronicle

Image Credit: @msqueenbee617
The nail polishes weren't marked in any way to signify they are limited edition but they are as well. The shades include:
Here's another Rebel Bloom display that includes limited edition nail polishes only with three new additions. The ones in the back are the same as the previous display.
Image Credit: @cosmeticchronicle
The smaller polishes in the front are Laser Liners (striper polishes for nail art). The shades include:
  • Custom Coral (001)
  • Purple Play (002)
  • Onyx Improv (003)
Image Credit: @msqueenbee617 for Lip Drama
 The display includes four limited edition lipstick shades:
  • Tangy Tulip (960)
  • Bubblegum Bloom (965)
  • Carnation Cabernet (970)
  • Playful Peony (975)
Image Credit: @msqueenbee617 for Lip Drama
In the picture above you can see there is a blush stick similar to the Master Glaze blush sticks. However, this one is not a glaze but matte bush stick. The shade is Rosy Rush (102).

Image Credit: @cosmeticchronicle

These were spotted at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Others have spotted the new displays at CVS and Harmons as well. But it should be making its way to the usual stores soon. All the limited edition items have limited quantities of 1-3 so be on the lookout if you want any of these products.

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