Wet n Wild Makeup Makeovers with New Packaging and New Formulas

by - January 06, 2015

Wet n Wild's Silk Finish lipsticks and other products have gotten a makeover for 2015. I love Wet n Wild Mega Last lipsticks but never really paid attention to the Silk Finish ones as I didn't care for the outdated look of the silver packaging.
Amazing NEW formulas! Amazing NEW packaging! Amazingly SAME price!
A closer look after the jump...
Here's the new, more updated black packaging of the Silk Finish lipsticks:
Image Credit: @huyenienguyenie
I did get a chance to compare some of the shade names and while they are the same they did receive new accompanying numbers. But there are a couple new shades in the bunch. The ones I found are noted with an asterisk (*).
  • A Short Affair 501C*
  • Will You Be With Me? 503C*
  • Pink Ice 504A (was 528A)
  • Ready to Swoon 513C*
  • What's Up Doc? 515D*
  • 15 Minutues Aflame 517C*
  • Nouveau Pink 518D (was 511B)
  • Fuchsia with Blue Pearl 527B (was 521A)
  • Dark Pink Frost 530D (was 502A)
  • Breeze 531C (was 547B)
  • Dark Wine 536A (was 522A)
  • Cherry Frost 538A (was 514A)
For a full listing of all the new shades and discontinued ones, check here.
Image Credit: @huyenienguyenie
Other items to also get an improved look and formula are their nail polishes and eye liners. I own a couple of the old eye liners, which I happen to already love so I don't see how they could have improved it. But I'm sure it's for the better. The photo on the right for the eye liners were the only ones in the display that were noted a new.
I bought a couple of the Silk Finish lipsticks so I'll give my opinions on that in another post. Anyone a else a fan of Wet n Wild? Excited for their new releases? Check out more here.

Happy Hunting!

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