NEW Maybelline Brow Precise and Brow Drama

by - December 14, 2014

Maybelline Brow Precise and Brow Drama
Yet another new product from Maybelline for Spring 2015 and it's all about the brows. Brows really have taken center stage now. Women are paying attention and realized the power the brows hold. It really does make or break a face. And lately, thicker more defined brows have become the goal. With these two new products from Maybelline achieving that look may have just become easier. 

Brow Precise is their new eyebrow pencil. Available in colors Soft Brown (255) and Deep Brown (260). It also features a convenient grooming brush on the other end to soften lines and brush unruly brows in place. It seems to be an add or possible replacement for the Master Shape brow pencils (here), which could explain why only two shades are available. 

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Brow Drama is the easy way to sculpt and tint brows in one step. It's a tinted gel mascara available in 5 shades, 4 of which are new. Shades include:
  • Blonde (250)
  • Soft Brown (255)
  • Deep Brown (260)
  • Auburn (265)
  • Transparent (275)


View all of Maybelline's Spring 2015 lineup here.

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