DEAL ALERT: Estée Lauder Travel Exclusive Eye Color Luxuries Palette at TJ Maxx

by - December 15, 2014

There are always beauty deals to be found at TJMaxx. Right now this the limited edition Estée Lauder Travel Exclusive Eye Color Luxuries palette can be found at a store near you. This set is one that could only be found in travel makeup displays at the airport and prices cared depending on the location you purchased it from. But if you had your heart set on this set and never had the chance, well now's the opportunity.

It was priced at $44.99 with the retail value being listed at $60. I doubt these will be selling fast due to the high price and most likely will end getting marked down. So if it's not something you must have, I'd wait it out for the price to drop. For more details and swatches, click here.

Happy Hunting!

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