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by - June 10, 2016

Image credit: @colourpopfun for Lip Drama
>>UPDATE: ColourPop listened and added two new shades for the launch. Swatches at the end of the post.

ColourPop can't stop, won't stop! New lippies on the way, a second KaePop collab and now new Sculpting Stix. We were already introduced to their Sculpting Stix via the Jaime King #Alchemy collection but now these babies are getting their chance to shine. 
Image credit: @colourpopfun for Lip Drama
Here's swatches of all 5 highlighters and 5 contour shades along with Relevé and New Renaissance from the Jaime King Collection for reference. While many are excited for this launch just as many are disappointed by the color selection. These shades won't work for darker skin tones and considering that ColourPop usually has a large range for initial launches people are not too pleased. As a doc I am often plagued by the lack of color selection from many brands who launch face cosmetics with a limited number of dark/deeper shades. ColourPop, however, usually is on point so I am sure this mister will be quickly rectified.
Image credit: @makeupbyjesi
With these swatches here Dume, the darkest shade, does look darker but it's still not enough to have just one option for darker skin tones. Not to mention that it has a red undertone and ideally for contouring you'd want something with a cool or even a neutral tone to create the look of a shadow. The highlighter shades need more variation as well. But it's a good for an indie brand that started out with only eyeshadows and lippie stix just two short years ago and my how far they've come.

>>UPDATE: ColourPop listened to their customers and in record time formulated two new shades in time for the launch. Refriend is a great addition but as far as the highlighter shades go lighter tan shades should be added that would work better for those with lighter brown skin tones. Typo should work well for the majority of deeper skin tones and it's cool toned, which is how concur shades really should be to create the illusion of a shadow. So great job ColourPop on the excellent turn around and they're sure to add more shades in the future.
These are priced at $5 each and will be launching soon on June 16th. When they do, you'll find them here.

Happy hunting!

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