Review: Jeffree Star Breakfast at Tiffany's Velour Liquid Lipstick

by - February 17, 2016

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Breakfast at Tiffany's Velour Liquid Lipstick
>>Update: I no longer support this brand so all posts except for my reviews have been removed. I have chosen to leave these up for now for those who may still find it helpful. If you would like a great summary as to why I no longer support this brand check out this video here and skip ahead to 19:44.

I love bold and unique lipstick shades especially blues so I couldn't resist purchasing this latest Jeffree Star shade– Breakfast at Tiffany's. This shade gets its name from the infamous Audrey Hepburn movie of the same name. The color is inspired by one of the most recognizable shades- Tiffany Blue, which is in fact actually patented by Tiffany's. This shade is described as a jewel-toned blue-green but I'd say it's more like a bright robin's egg blue.
Jeffree Star Breakfast at Tiffany's on dark skin
Blue is one of my favorite shades to wear on my lips. It's totally going to be mainstream like purple soon so watch out! But this blue is very unique. I don't own anything like it and I haven't seen any shade like it either. It's a shade of blue that's a little harder to pull off and more bold than most may be used to but liquid lipsticks are very versatile.
Jeffree Star Breakfast at Tiffany's on dark skin
As this lipstick is eye safe, you can also use it for a trendy colored liner look or for a pop of color on on your lower lash line. If you don't mind wearing it on your lips but find that the color is too light than mix it with another. Use the back of your hand or mixing palette to create a custom shade. Or if you want to be trendy try a darker shade then add a bit of this Tiffany Blue in the center for an ombré lip. But don't count this shade out for wearing on its own, it might just surprise you.
Love this colored liner look using Breakfast at Tiffany's
Image credit: @angela_cuneo
If you've read any of my previous reviews on JSC Velour Liquid Lipsticks then you know my points on performace are usually brief because I find they all last a good 6+ hours and require minimal touch ups. Breakfast at Tiffany's is no different. Also despite being a pastel shade it applies evenly and opaque. Now for some reason the scents vary. The holiday collection had some smelly shades and it seems like this time they tried to counteract that. The result is a root beer scent. That may please some but I hate root beer and it's an odd scent for a lipstick. But once it dries the scent is thankfully gone. The only negative thing I found, which happens with some of the shades, is that this shade can settle in the deeper lines of your lips. Since it's a light shade this can be more noticeable especially if you smile.

Fortunately, this is an easy fix and these tips should be applied when wearing all liquid lipsticks. Make sure your lips are primed and prepped before application. This means exfoliating your lips to get a smooth, even surface. Then moisturize with your lip balm of choice and allow it to sit to be absorbed. Ideally you should do this nightly if you often wear matte lipsticks as they can be drying on your lips. But in a pinch, let it your lip balm sit for about five minutes and wipe it off. I suggest wiping it off as it can interfere with the formulas of some liquid lipsticks, which is why you may find that it doesn't dry fully matte or last as long as it should. But for JSC liquid lipsticks you can leave a light layer even though I don't find them as drying as other liquid lipsticks. Finally you apply a lip primer, which helps the product last longer and also fills in any "gaps" so that the product doesn't settle into any of the lines in your lips. I use the ColourPop Lippie Primer ($5). It works great.
Teal lipstick comparisons
So is this bold shade for you and how do you plan to use it? Most people on Instagram said they will be using this as an eyeliner. Shop this shade now on the JSC website.

Happy hunting!

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