DupeThat x Gerard Cosmetics Enchanté Lipstick Review & Swatches

by - January 17, 2016

I was so happy to receive this lipstick for review. I do love me some purple. I don't own many similar shades so it will be unique in my collection, which is saying a lot since I own over three hundred lipsticks (most likely more but I'm estimating smh). I have yet to try any Gerard Cosmetics products so I can't compare this lipstick to any others they have. So I will give you my honest assessment based on this lipstick alone.
DupeThat x Gerard Cosmetics Enchanté Lipstick
DupeThat x Gerard Cosmetics Enchanté Lipstick

Enchanté is a pretty mauve but think pale purple with a hint of pink and not dusty rose. Am I the only one that immediately thinks "Enchanté mon ami"? Nerd reference to something X-men's Gambit would say. Ok, moving on lol. . . my first thought when trying this lipstick was that it was glossy for a creamy lipstick. Due to this you can't really keep building it up for color because the extra lipstick just slides around on your lips. But it's opaque so you don't really need to. If you want more color use a lip liner. I would've preferred a matte finish but it is a very pretty and unique shade. It lasts a good 4-5 hours. However, because it's a cream finish it doesn't hold up well when eating. You would definitely have to almost reapply it altogether.
Enchanté swatch comparisons
Image credit: @DupeThat
Gerard Cosmetics Enchanté on dark skin
The closest match to Enchanté is Nars Dominique, which retails for $32. So if you had your eye on that shade this is definitely a budget friendly contender. While Nars Dominique is a little lighter and more on the purple mauve side, it lasts just as long as Enchanté as it is also a cream finish but it's more pigmented in color. Still for the price difference, I think Enchanté is a great alternative.
Gerard Cosmetics Enchanté vs Nars Dominique on dark skin
Ways to save on your Gerard Cosmetics purchases
Image credit: @DupeThat
Gerard Cosmetics Enchanté on dark skin
Gerard Cosmetics Enchanté on dark skin
Enchanté definitely leans more pink on me but on others it can look more purple. For an example of how Enchanté looks on someone with a lighter skin tone, click here and here to see the DupeThat ladies rocking their own creation.
Lip liner options for Enchanté on dark skin
Essence Berry is the perfect match for Enchanté, which will help the shade last longer and you'd be able to use less product too so it won't have as much shine. It retails for $1.99 and can be found at ULTA Beauty or Target.com. I also included some other options if you feel like Enchanté is too light for your liking. You could either apply the liner all over and get the shade above or just apply it around the lip line then blend. 
Gerard Cosmetics Enchanté on dark skin
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Enchanté is available for purchase now here at $19 but there are several ways to save on the Gerard Cosmetics site to seriously lower the cost. So be sure to use code DUPE4YOU30 to save 30% off or one of the other previously mentioned methods.

Happy hunting!

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