NEW Lime Crime Perlees Lipsticks Now Available

by - December 10, 2015

Introducing PERLEES: the matte pearl lipstick. Bridging the gap between matte and metallic, PERLEES offer a soft pearlescent glow reminiscent of dusted pearls. Pigmented, lightweight formula clings to lips for an all-day wear, without drying them out. Easy-on, easy-off. Lush floral packaging reveals a bouquet of 90s-inspired shades - a real treat for lipstick lovers looking to enhance their collection with something different!

  • Mirage, mauve
  • Denim, denim blue
  • Gemma, taupe brown
  • Third Eye, mulberry red 
  • Penny, bright copper
  • Asphalt, grey-brown
I know there's some people that are still salty when it comes to Lime Crime but I've never purchased from them so I have no gripes when it comes to them. Before I really got into makeup Lime Crime was one of the first companies I came across with bold shades and I was mesmerized. I was especially taken by the Velvetines. I was intrigued by the idea of velvet lips. But soon after I came across so many sites with talks of scandal when it came to Lime Crime. I wasn't sure what to believe or if I wanted to purchase from such a company so I never did. However, with the release of these new lipsticks that's probably about to change. I love them all but Denim and Penny are must haves for me! I just wished they swatched their collection on different skin tones. So I'll be waiting on these for now. 
Image credit: @limecrimemakeup
Here's a screenshot from a video on Lime Crime's Instagram page. It features swatches of Gemma and Third Eye but check out how cute the packaging is on these lipsticks.
Lime Crime Perlees are $18 each and are available now for purchase on their website here

Happy hunting!

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