NEW ColourPop Boogie Nights Holiday 2015 Collection

by - November 12, 2015

ColourPop had a goal this year and I believe it was to take over the makeup world. Trust me, they're succeeding. Their growth happened so fast it's astonishing. And the fact that they are releasing collection more frequently is proof that they are doing very well. The prices are so budget friendly that it's easy to spend just as much as you would at say Sephora but the good news is you get more bang for your buck. And not only do you get more in quantity, the quality is just as good or better than more expensive brands so it's a win-win all around. So if you want to keep on being a winner then keep reading for a look at their latest collection.

The Boogie Nights Collection features 17 pieces for eyes, lips and cheeks. It's a holiday collection so expect lots of glitter and metallics so you can sparkle and shine.

Lippie Stix ($5)
ColourPop Boogie Nights Collection Lippie Stix
  • Peppermint, warm peachy nude (matte)
  • Silk, deepened burgundy (matte)
  • Boogie, violet red dusted with turquoise glitter (satin)
ColourPop Boogie Nights Collection Lippie Stix swatchesImage Credit: @makeupbyjesi
Super Shock Shadows ($5)
ColourPop Boogie Nights Collection Super Shock Shadows
  • Famous, soft subtle gold (pearlized)
  • Cheap Date, true gold lightly dusted with multi-dimensional silver sparkles (metallic)
  • DGAF, medium-toned rusty brown topped with multi-dimensional gold glitter (metallic)
  • Glitterati, silver undertone drenched with tons of gold glitter  (metallic)
  • Moonshine, rich chocolate brown coated with gold glitter (metallic)
  • Dance Party, smoky violet packed with hot pink, violet and cobalt blue glitter (metallic)
  • Rhinestone, deep blue green (pearlized)
  • Leopard, vivid violet blue (pressed pigment)
  • Disco Ball, true black undertone sprinkled with lots of gold glitter (metallic)
ColourPop Boogie Nights Collection Super Shock Shadows swatches
Image Credit: ColourPopCosmetics Snapchat
Crème Gel Colours ($6)
ColourPop Boogie Nights Collection Crème Gel Colours
  • Ho Ho, vibrant rich violet with tiny bright purple glitter (metallic)
  • Superstition, deep smoky khaki topped with pink and violet glitter in a Glitter finish (glitter)
  • Sweet Tooth, warm golden bronze dusted with multi-dimensional glitters in hues of pink, silver and gold (glitter)
I'll be doing a review on my mini haul of these new Crème Gel Colours soon but let me tell you these things don't budge. It's on par with similar products 3x the price.
ColourPop Boogie Nights Collection Crème Gel Colours swatches
Image Credit: @makeupbyjesi
Super Shock Cheeks ($8)
ColourPop Boogie Nights Collection Fanny Pack & Electric Slide highlighters
  • Fanny Pack, icy silvery white (pearlized)
  • Electric Slide, true gold (pearlized)
Fanny Pack makes a return from a previous release in a kit. So if you wanted it but didn't like the entire kit, now's the time to pick it up on it own.
ColourPop Boogie Nights Collection Fanny Pack & Electric Slide highlighter swatches
Image Credit: @makeupbyjesi
Grab 'em before they're gone for good. Shop this limited edition holiday collection today here.

Happy hunting!

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  1. Thank you for these swatches! Definitely want to buy the silk lippie stick!


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