NEW ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip Liquid Lipsticks Available Now!

by - June 26, 2015

ColourPop's Ultra Matte Lip liquid lipsticks are LIVE!!! If you've been living under a rock and don't know what I'm talking about see my original post here. However, if you follow me on Instagram you would've been updated the moment these were available online but I decided for everyone else that I wouldn't post about them here just yet. Why you ask? Because their site was crashing with every page load due to the extreme overload of traffic. ColourPop Cosmetics seriously was not ready for how much of a frenzy their liquid lipsticks would cause. So anyway, I'm posting now because the site has finally cleared some where you can actually get somewhere with a 504 Error page every second but there still seems to be some site errors though. You have been warned! But just in case you don't have your mind made up, I'd thought I'd share the official swatches on different skin tones with you guys plus an awesome video with full face swatches of all 25 shades.

Awesomeness after the jump...
I'm sticking to 6 shades because that's the minimum for free shipping with the $5 off code. So here's my list in case you were wondering: Lychee, Drive-In, Mars and Succulent. The two other spots up for grabs are between Zipper, Tulle, Pacific or Oujii. I really wanted Zipper but all the swatches of this shade are patchy so I may wait on it. I blame those video swatches. It changed my mind about a few shades and they moved up the list smh. If all goes well I will be ordering more eventually but I wanted to test the formula out for myself because with liquid lipsticks it seems what may work for one may not work for another. I love the JSC formula as it never flakes on me but I found plenty that said it flakes on them, so I'd suggest being cautious even though these are only $6.

So here's swatches of all the shades with the descriptions underneath. I'll mark my faves with an asterisk (*):
Image Credit:
  • Buds*, mid-tone true pink
  • Sundae*vibrant pink magenta with a subtle blue violet undertone
  • Highball*hot red- pink
  • Mars*, red fuchsia 
  • Creepertrue classic blue red
  • Succulent*, electric neon orange red
  • Oujii*, bright coral red
  • Pacific*, true bright orange

Image Credit:
(Note: Koala and Seesaw are switched on the darker skin tone)
  • Koala, vibrant pastel lavender
  • Seesaw*pastel lavender pink
  • Drive-In*, mid-tone bright magenta
  • Lychee*, bright warm violet
  • Zipper*deep blackened purple
  • Tulle*dusty mauve burgundy
  • Limbo*deep chocolate brown
  • Avenue*, deep yellow red
  • LAX, vampy blackened red
Image Credit:
  • Bumble*dusty warm terracotta
  • 1st Basemid- tone true pink
  • Donut*bright peach
  • Solow*, neutral nude pink
  • Shimmypale pastel baby pink
  • Trapdusty greyed out beige (“greige”)
  • Midi, soft neutral beige
  • Vice, pale warm nude
Here's the awesome video swatches I promised. She does them in such a fun way. Hit subscribe!
So did you narrow your list down or did I just make it worse lol?! Either way, let me know what you're getting. Comment below. Don't forget to use the $5 off code: kathleenlights! 

>>>UPDATE: All shades sold out in less than 24hrs. But these are permanent so they will restock. I didn't manage to get any and I wasn't about to waste over 5 hours refreshing pages so that I could. Yes, people actually did that smh.

Happy Hunting!

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