Monday, February 9, 2015

NEW eos Limited Edition Spring 2015 2-pack

Image Credit: @eosproducts
Good news fellow eos fans! A new Spring 2-pack is available that contains Passion Fruit and Fresh Watermelon. If you're a fan then you know why this is good news. Fresh Watermelon was only previously available in a recent set that was very hard to find and is being sold for high amounts on eBay. I love Watermelon flavored anything but I wasn't willingly to pay an extreme amount. So I am happy to see that I won't have to. Passion Fruit has been released a couple times and is easy to get but if you're like me you'll probably still be getting this set even tho you own Passion Fruit. I mean having too many lip balms isn't a bad thing, right?!

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These should start popping up in the usual retail locations soon but you can also get them online at ($5.99) and on the eos site ($6.59). They have already been spotted at Kohl's and at Books a Million stores as well.

Happy hunting!

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