Swatches: L.A. Girl New Glazed Lip Paint Shades

by - October 06, 2014

So I already reviewed the original 6 shades, which you can view HERE. When I found out they were expanding the line to include 12 additional colors, I knew I would want all of them. My local beauty supply store carries the L.A. Girl brand and I've been waiting for the new colors to arrive. Today was that day! But I just recently purchased the entire Wicked Lippies collection and I've made other purchases plus the Lorac Mega PRO Palette will be released next week so I restrained myself. I only picked up four colors...for now. I chose the colors that would be the ones I would reach for most. This of course were all three of the darker shades, Seduce, Daring and Tempt, as well as Peony. I purchased mine for $2.99 but prices range from $2.99-4.99. L.A. Girl's website lists the official price as $4 each. 

Let's take a closer look at the shades I purchased...
L-R: Peony (GLG792), Seduce (GLG794), Daring (GLG797), and Tempt (GLG798).

 More details and lip swatches after the jump...
I thought Peony was more of a coral color but it leans more on the pink side. (Tango is the coral shade I meant to purchase.) The above swatch is darker than it appears on my lips. The photos below are taken with my usual camera (left) and my iPhone (right) as well as it was able to capture the true color better.

Peony (GLG792)
The overall effect was a pretty soft pink. The only issue with this color was application. As a lighter shade, streaks were more apparent against my dark lips. I would suggest using a liner in conjunction with this color as a base or a primer. 

Seduce is a purple shade that leans more pink on my lips. If you apply an excess on top for a glossier look, its blue toned purple coloring is more apparent. Application is perfection. No streaking is apparent as with Peony.
Seduce (GLC794)
Daring is similar to Seduce but leans more purple. Like Seduce, the application is perfection. This is my other favorite out of the four shades. 
Daring (GLC797)
Tempt is a darkened red, vampy shade. I wasn't sure if I wanted this color but it's a great Fall color so I took a chance. The application was a little troublesome. Much like Peony, it applied slightly streaky but not as bad. It also wasn't full coverage. I would have to apply a lot of product to achieve the a fully opaque look. I'd suggest applying a similar lip pencil as a base for the best results. 
Tempt (GLG798)
If you read my previous review of the original shades then you know these have peppermint oil in them. This is something I hate in all lip products but I tolerate it because I just adore these lip paints. A couple shades don't apply as well as the others but they are super easy to work with, can be mixed to make a unique color and the price is fantastic. I just wish the applicator was better but seriously at this price you can't complain. I suggest a retractable lip brush for ease of application on the go. 
Have you picked up any of the new shades yet?

Happy Hunting!

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