L.A. Girl's Glazed Lip Paint Review & Swatches

by - July 18, 2014

L.A. Girl's Glazed Lip Paint is the drugstore version of Too Faced Melted Lipstick. It retails for only $3-4 each, a savings of over 80% compared to Too Faced at $21 each. I purchased mine online at iKateHouse but they are also available for purchase at online retailer Cherry Culture, Drugstore.com, Hot Topic, EBay and now at select Kmart stores. They may also be found at your local beauty supply store as well.

There are currently 6 shades in total. iKateHouse has the option of purchasing all 6 at a discount, has the lowest price individually of all the other sites and shipping is only $4 (free with purchases above $39) so needless to say I went with them for this purchase. 
As you can see both feature 6 colors*, which are very similar. 
Image Credit: VanityRouge.com

*Too Faced has now added an additional 4 colors to the Melted line

Smell: It features a minty scent and along with mint usually comes a slight tingling. For me this is why I usually avoid products with minty scents or plumping as I don't really like it. But it only does so for a minute or so and after wearing it for a while and reapplying later I barely noticed the sensation. I am sensitive to scents (migraines, ugh) but the scent isn't overwhelming and fades after awhile. 

Taste: Although it has a minty scent, I didn't discern any noticeable taste from the product. 

Color: Pigmentation and color pay off is huge. Love it! And for the price it is unbelievable and a definite must buy for lipstick addicts like myself and for others looking to expand their collection. I don't own the Too Faced Melted Lipsticks but I don't think I need to. I do wish they offered more variety as far as color choice but it's a good selection to start. Mainly, I would have hoped to see a nude color, which coincidentally Too Faced offers. 
L-R: Babydoll, Hot Mess, Blushing, Bombshell, Pin-Up, Coy
Wear: The color held its place without any noticeable fraying. Since it has a high gloss finish it does tend to transfer when eating or drinking. So retouches would be necessary in these cases. However, I found it did wear a good 3-4 hours with minimal eating and drinking before a retouch was necessary.

Application: This is the only aspect about the product I don't necessarily like. The Too Faced version has a felted tip for easy application. These have a slanted plastic tip and it just sort of pushes out like a tubed lipgloss but because the texture is thinner you need a tip that is more controlled. I suggest applying with a lip brush. Purchase a retractable one for on the go application and touch ups.
L.A. Girl applicator tip
Too Faced applicator tip
Overall: Aside from the application issue, I'd still recommend these. The price is the best part and the quality and color payoff you get similar to top notch designer brands. It offers the pigmentation of a lipstick with the high gloss finish of a lip gloss without the stickiness. If you haven't tried this yet and are on the fence then I'd suggest just buying one color and giving it a try. I'm sure you will want to buy the rest as well. 
Hot Mess
Coy. My fave!

Happy Hunting!

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