New Precious Metals Highlighting Palette from Sleek MakeUP

by - October 19, 2014

Image Credit: +Sleek MakeUP 
One of the hottest beauty trends of the year has got to be contouring. Everyone wants to achieve that look of the perfectly sculpted face. In order to achieve that look a highlighter is a necessity. And if you want a more subtle look with a radiant glow then all you need is the perfect highlighter and you'e good to go. Sleek MakeUP's Precious Metals Highlighting Palette gives you four options in the form of three velvety creams and one powder. This versatile palette can be used on your face and body leaving an iridescent, metallic finish that adds a luminous polish to the skin. It retails for $14.99.

Swatches after the jump...

Image Credit: +Sleek MakeUP 
The colors in the palette appear to be more on the cooler side. It works wonderfully on the model in the promotional image. For deeper skin tones, rich golds and bronzes tend to work better to highlight the skin. So in my opinion this palette is not as versatile. I would've loved to see a range of colors with additional highlighting palettes. I'm sure if this is successful there will be others.
Precious Metals Highlighting Palette Swatches
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