Treasures Untold: More to the Walgreens Ariel Collection!

by - July 03, 2014

Here's an example of how quantity can vary from store to store
Today I was finally able to complete my Walgreens Ariel Collection. The last items on my list were the makeup bags and I was able to find all 3 in one place. I happened to be in Yonkers and called the local Walgreens to find that they had everything in stock. When I arrived it looked as if the displays had either just been put out or no one in the area cared for this collection, which is all the better for me. It was placed right above the new Milani Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadows display and that had a few shades already gone but the entire Ariel collection appeared untouched. Unfortunately for anyone looking that means that a full display of makeup bags only means 2 bags of each style for a total of 6. So if so someone likes me comes along and picks up all 3 styles then that only leaves 1 of each left. I found the same to be true of the hair accessories as I found there was only 3 of each item available on a full display. Depending on the store they may have more of the makeup items in stock as I have seen these items range from 3 each to upwards of 6. Either way these items are all limited edition so if you are on the hunt for any of these items be sure to check your local Walgreens daily. 
The 3 makeup bags by London Soho consisted of a pencil pouch ($6.99), a medium rounded pouch ($7.99) and a larger pouch ($9.99). I may end up returning the larger bag as I don't think I really needed all 3 plus I don't like that it has the same image on the front repeated on the back. The medium pouch has a holographic sea green material on the back that I really like. I really wish the larger one had the same material instead of being all satin and mostly white as that can get dirty very easily. The pencil pouch has the same image on the back as well but the bottom features that holographic material.
Check out that holographic gleam
Seashell Interior

Here are closeups of Ariel. Isn't the artwork just stunning?!
Now just when you thought the Walgreens exclusive Disney's Ariel Collection couldn't get any bigger they go and add nail polish as well. And not just any nail polish; it's scented smh. The only image I was able to find was via the makeupaddict3589 on Instagram and it's a little blurry. I think I will be skipping this as the colors look ok and it's made by an unknown brand. 

Happy Hunting!!!

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