e.l.f.'s Disney Ariel Collection exclusively at Walgreens!

by - June 22, 2014

So if you heard about this limited edition collection and you're a fan of Ariel like me then you've been desperately calling all the Walgreens in your area trying to see if they have it. Yet everyone either doesn't know what you're talking about or they tell you they only get e.l.f. items during the holidays. It was recently made available online but just as quickly as it arrived it was gone. But now it allows you to check to see if stores in your area have the item. I've been frustrated as I have found one store in my area that has it in stock and has in store pickup, which is unavailable for this product. Yet when I call associates tell me it has not arrived yet and may come sometime this week.

So I went back to the site and entered a different zip code for stores a little further out and found 2 more stores that said the item was in stock.

I called the first one and a very helpful associate told me that they did get the items in but they didn't have the space to put it on the floor yet. But she actually went to the store's stockroom and checked to make sure they did have the items I wanted in stock. She even said she would put it aside for me with my name. Her name is Nicola and this Walgreen's is located at 33rd street and 5th ave in NYC. I will make sure to give her my personal thanks as she was a little out of breath when she came back to the phone since she had to run a floor up to check. I am very grateful! So be sure to call ahead before running to your local Walgreen's as the information provided online may not be accurate. I am on my way out to get it now. So excited! I will be sure to post my swatches and opinion of the products.

That's the full collection. If you are a fan of Ariel or the e.l.f. brand then you will definitely want something from the collection. All prices range from $4.99-$9.99. 

Happy hunting!

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