NEW Ariel hair accessories and more at Walgreens!

by - June 23, 2014

So the Walgreen's Collection of Disney's Ariel just keeps on expanding. I didn't mention it before but there was a set of eyelashes by Ardell that was the first item released. I was also able to snag that too on my recent trek to Walgreens. Now I find out they have added a makeup bag and hair accessories to the list. What is an Ariel fanatic to do?!  Well, of course now I have to call again to see if I can get lucky twice with the same store. I found out it is actually NYC's flagship Walgreens store so they will always get the limited edition collections or any collection for that matter. So they will now be my first place I call. Hopefully I can get in good with a few associates lol. But I am totally serious! Any little help I can get is a plus is my book. So here's a first look at the items I purchased:

My mini Walgreen's haul

Inside the beauty book the shell is actually a small mirror

Here is closeup of the Ardell eyelashes set

And here are the other products that are also included in the collection:
(Credit for the above images belongs to the designated Instagram user)

Happy hunting!

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