The Jaclyn Hill Palette Launching Today

by - June 21, 2017

This Jaclyn Hill Palette is not to be confused with her previous Morphe Brushes palette, which featured 28 of her favorite existing Morphe eyeshadow singles. This palette is one of her creation. She worked for two years going back and forth with the lab and with Linda Morphe to create her "dream palette". It features 35 shades that she approved from the finish to how it was pressed. In fact, how each shade was  pressed is one of the things that makes his palette unique. Most eyeshadow palettes will press all the shadows I. The same way. So that's why you'll have a palette with  did or two among the bunch because those shades might have needed to be pressed a little more or a little less. With the Jaclyn Hill Palette each shade was pressed individually so it is at its optimal quality and pigmentation. From the videos I've seen you barely have to touch each shade and you pick up loads of color. So I'm excited even though I told myself I wasn't going to buy anymore palettes really especially Morphe palettes because I have way too many and they don't get enough love. But I'll stop talking and let the palette speak for iteself. 
The palette features 35 shades with various finishes: creamy mattes, satins, shimmers and even fouled shadows. 

Check out these bautiful swatches by @annybeeutee:  
You can also see swatches on dark skin here:

The Jaclyn Hill Palette launches today, June 21st at 8am PST/11am EST and will retail for $38. It's a little pricer than most Morphe palettes due to the pressing process I mentioned above, which means it takes longer to make than typical palettes. Be sure to use code "adoptlove" to save 10% off and to have those proceeds be donated to help a no kill shelter/animal organization. Have those alarms set and those cards ready because this will surely sell out fast. Buy on the Morphe website when it launches. Good luck. 

Happy hunting!

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