Sneak Peek: NEW Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipsticks

by - January 10, 2017

Image credit: @udwende
Urban Decay is finally hopping on the liquid lipstick train. Clearly this trend is here to stay so it only makes sense for every brand to stake their claim on the market. While I have slowed down on my liquid lipstick purchases, mostly due to having most shades already and the shorter shelf life, I am curious about these. Urban Decay is one of my fave brands so I can't wait to see all the shades. I'm sure some of the regular bullet lipsticks will make an appearance as a liquid lipstick and I'm hoping it's some of my fave shades. I'd love a bold shade like Junkie. 
Vice liquid lipsticks will launch with 30 shades in 2 finishes: comfort matte and metallic. I love that the packaging mimics that of their regular Vice lipsticks and with such a wide range of shades I'm sure UD already has plans for more shades in the future especially if sales are good and I'm sure they will be. What shades are you hoping to see? Any regular Vice lipsticks you'd like to see made into a liquid lipstick? I think 714 is a definite choice to be made into a liquid lipstick as it's a classic red and a popular shade to boot so it makes sense. I can't wait till they reveal all the shades. 

Happy hunting!

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