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by - August 08, 2016

While Sugarpill Pro Palette isn't technically new, it has received a redesign and will now be available to purchase on their website. What will be new is that all their pressed eyeshadows will now be available in pan form so that you can customize your Pro Palette anyway you want. I have the original Pro Palette I purchased from IMATS and the shades were set. Although the pans are removable so I could change the shades if I wanted. I currently own 16 of their eyeshadows so I decided I would swatch them for anyone unfamiliar with the brand or considering making a purchase. But first let me give you all the details about the Pro Palette.
Image credit: @dixiewolff
The Sugarpill Pro Palette features their iconic pink and white colors on the packaging, which is a nice change from the plain black paging of the original Pro Palette. Inside you can fill the palette with up to 12 shades of your choice so it is fully customizable. How you fill the palette, however, affects your cost of the palette overall. So let me break it down:

Pressed eyeshadow pan, $10 each ($13 for new foiled shade Moneymaker)
Palette by itself, $20
Purchase 6 eyeshadows and get the palette for 50% off at $10
Purchase 12 eyeshadows and get the palette FREE (a $20 savings)
So the palette has the potential to be at least $120 depending on how you fill your palette plus there's taxes as well and shipping fees too if your order is under $100. Btw Sugarpill eyeshadows are larger than the standard pan size with 3.5 grams of product, which is double the amount of product in most eyeshadows like Mac or Urban Decay for example. So the prices are actually pretty reasonable. For all the people still complaining about price, you do realize this is called a Pro Palette right? That means it is intended for makeup artists and others who use makeup professionally. They understand the cost and necessity of having quality products. Otherwise, I'd suggest waiting to see if you can snag this at a trade show like IMATS. I was able to purchase mine (the old back version pictured below) for only $90 so they may have these new palettes available at the next one.
 photo DSC00988_zps47268f3d.jpg
The original Pro Palette
Sugar pill eyeshadows are very pigmented and I highly recommend them. They are long lasting on their own but I would recommend a white base at least because it would allow each shade to be true to color and as vibrant as they are in the pan. Love + and Dollipop can stain the skin but with a base this is not a problem. For the most part these eyeshadows all apply smoothly and blend well. However, Hotsy Totsy has a weird dry, almost crumbly feeling texture so it doesn't apply as smoothly as the other shades. Some of the shades shown below are shimmers with fine glitter but it's not quite visible in these swatches, which were taken outdoors using sunlight.
L-R: Acidberry, Velocity, 2am & Mochi
L-R: Flamepoint, Buttercupckae, Love + & Poison Plum
L-R: Dollipop, Afterparty, Midori & Tako
L-R: Kitten Parade, Frostine, CandyCrush & Hotsy Totsy
Below I show you some of the eyeshadows that can be used on your cheeks as well. Don't be scared by the pigmentation. The two shades I use as blush, Love + and Dollipop, are swatched heavily then blended out. If you have a lighter skin tone, however, you'd definitely have to make sure to use a light hand with these. Keep in mind I did blended the with my fingers so you can apply it more sheer if you'd like. But these gave me a long lasting natural flush.
L-R: Love + & Dollipop
Here are two shade that can work as highlighters. Kitten Parade has that pink and gold blend that is very popular in the same vein as Nars Orgasm and Frostine is the type of highlighter that is currently trending. It's similar to a shade you'd find in the new ABH Moonchild Glow Kit. It's a bolder choice as far as highlighters go but it's very pretty since it has a pink shift, which was hard to capture on camera.
L-R: Kitten Parade & Frostine
The Sugarpill Pro Palette is launching today, August 8th at Noon PST. You can build your custom palette here. (FYI: All shades are cruelty-free but not all are vegan.)

Happy hunting!

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  1. Love the pro palette. I plan on purchasing because I have all the quads and would love them all in one place.


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