Sneak Peek: Walgreens Wonder Woman Collection!

by - March 31, 2016

Yassssssssss Walgreens! If you're a geek like me then this news is even more exciting because you can't help but explode with joy when two things you love collide. I wasn't into makeup when the Mac Wonder Woman collection was released so I'll definitely take this. Can't wait to for this to launch. 
Comic Book Writer & Artist Ming Doyle posted this sneak peek image
As with past collections, expect prices to range from $2.99-14.99 and it should be available online on Walgreens website as well on In the past the Walgreens collections' makeup items were manufactured by e.l.f. or Markwins (makers of Wet n Wild) and I believe it's the latter since the e.l.f. brand name isn't prominent on the packing. Either way, I'll be picking up a few items from this collection.

Collection includes:
  • Comic Beauty Book
  • Amazonian Bronze Bronzer and Highlighter Set
  • Grace and Power Nail Polish Set by Orly
  • An Eye For Justice Liquid Eyeliner Set
  • Goddess Lips Lipstick
  • Paradise Eye-Land Eyeshadow Set
  • Makeup Tote (by Soho London presumably and other size bags will be available as well)
  • 5 Piece Face Set (makeup brushes)
  • Hair Accessories (by Scuni presumably)
  • Strawberry Empower-Mint Lip Balm by Lip Smacker
  • Plus more! 
This collection is limited edition and is sure to fly off the shelves. You don't want to be left empty handed when it hits stores this May so follow me on Twitter or Instagram to hear about it first. 

Happy hunting!

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