DEAL ALERT: Melt Cosmetics Secret 30% off Sale!!!

by - November 06, 2015

haven't reviewed any my of Melt Cosmetic lipsticks yet but they're are one of my favorite lipsticks. Long lasting and a true matte without any shine yet they're oddly not drying on the lips either. Plus the bold shades are what drew me in. I can't resist the lip drama. 😉 

With that being said, I highly recommend that you try their lipsticks if you haven't already and a 30% off sale is an excellent reason to. I only wish the shades I needed were in stock. But the sale isn't only limited to their lipsticks. It includes all their products including their much raved about eyeshadow stacks. They feature a cool and unique magnetic design. I would love to take advantage of this sale since I don't own those yet but alas it's the holiday season and I can't buy everything I want. I have my eyes on something else and it just so happens to release today smh. This sale is valid now through Nov. 8th at 11:59pm PST so dot let it PST you by. 

Happy hunting!

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