Review: Wet n Wild LE Fall 2015 MegaLast Lipsticks

by - September 17, 2015

Wet n Wild LE Fall 2015 MegaLast Lipsticks
You guys should already know I am a huge Wet n Wild fan. They're one of my fave drugstore brands and the reason why I probably love lipstick as much as I do today. So needless to say when I know there's a new collection out I make it my business to track it down. And Fall is always very busy because we get the Fall Collection along with Halloween followed closely by their Winter/Holiday collection. And right now all three displays seem to be popping up at the same time. I just posted about the new Halloween Collection so figured I should get a move on posting my swatches of the Fall Collection.

Swatches of the Fall 2015 LE MegaLast lipsticks on dark skin
Wet n Wild Celeb Sighting on dark skin
Wet n Wild On The Ave on dark skin
Wet n Wild Coffee Buzz on dark skin
Wet n Wild Vintage Vibe on dark skin
Wet n Wild Photobomb on dark skin
Wet n Wild Nightcap on dark skin
Now here's comparisons swatches of the limited edition shades, which are marked with an asterisk (*), to current permanent shades.
Comparison swatches L-R: Purty Persimmon, Celeb Sighting* & Stoplight Red
Celeb Sighting is an orange red and as you can see it falls between the bright orange Purty Persimmon and Stoplight Red, which is blue-based.
Comparison swatches L-R: Cherry Bomb & Photobomb*
These two shades are the closest among all the comparisons. Maybe that's why their names are even similar. However, Cherry Bomb is deeper but they are close enough that if you miss out on this shade it's not the end of the world.
Comparison swatches L-R: Coffee Buzz* & Vamp It Up
Coffee Buzz is a blackened brown based plum while Vamp It Up is a blackened purple. I thought these were much more similar seeing them in the tube. I don't usually go for such shades. In fact, Vamp it Up is one of my least favorite purples but Coffee Buzz is actually one of my favorites from this collection.
Comparison swatches L-R: Cherry Picking, On The Ave* & Sugar Plum Fairy
Comparison swatches L-R: Vintage Vibe* & Sugar Plum Fairy
These shades are very similar but as you can see Vintage Vibe is deeper. But it's not a big loss if you miss out on Vintage Vibe since Sugar Plum Fairy is permanent. Just add a deeper lip liner and it will be pretty much the same.
Wet n Wild LE Fall 2015 Mega Last Lipsticks
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All MegaLast lipsticks are matte or rather semi-matte as that's a more accurate description. I don't review them individually as far as wear time because I have found them all to be the same with very few exceptions. You get the advertised four hour wear time (maybe a little less) on these and while that may not seem long compared to Mac mattes the price difference more than makes up for this in my book. Plus the pigmentation just can't be beat for $2-3. These lipsticks are always my first recommendation to anyone looking to try out lipstick or a new shade. You won't be disappointed and if somehow you are, which I seriously doubt, then at least you didn't waste a lot of money.

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