NEW Sephora x Disney 2015 Collection

by - September 01, 2015

Sephora x Disney 2015 Cinderella compact mirror
>>>UPDATE: Release date is September 15th!

Sephora and Disney are collaborated once again. Disney fans rejoice! I sure am. Right now the collection consists of only compact mirrors but I am sure more is in the works. If this mirror looks a little familiar to you it's because the previous collection featured similar compact mirrors with different designs. However, this time around there are more characters involved: Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle and Elsa & Anna. Looks like they decided to go with the classic first Princesses then added Elsa & Anna in because of the huge popularity of the Frozen franchise (aka it's a money maker). It would've been nice to see more diversity with Mulan, Pochantas and/or Tiana being included as well but I'm just happy my favorite Princess Ariel is included.

Sephora x Disney 2015 Snow White compact mirror
Sephora x Disney 2015 Aurora compact mirror
Sephora x Disney 2015 Ariel compact mirror

Sephora x Disney 2015 Elsa & Anna compact mirror
These should launch online sometime this week even a early as today so keep checking These will launch online September 15th so make sure you follow me on Instagram as I will definitely post when they're live. These are limited edition and will cost $32 each.

Happy Hunting!

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