Introducing TYRA Beauty...A Cosmetic Experience

by - October 15, 2014

Image Credit: +Tyra Banks 

Tyra Banks has conquered the modeling world and gone on to several other profitable ventures. Now she will try her hand at the makeup industry with an all new line of cosmetics. TYRA beauty proclaims it's not just a cosmetic line but a cosmetic experience. And of course the experience wouldn't be complete without BOOTYful, the TYRA beauty anthem. Check it out here!

TYRA beauty currently features three collections: TYover, Smize and It Factory.
Image Credit: +Tyra Banks 
More details and pics after the jump...
TYover *noun*. A transformative makeover...Tyra style. This is currently the largest collection. It introduces easy to use products "in a stick" for a fierce
  • Sculpt in a Stick ($24), contour in light/medium or medium/deep
All product images courtesy of TYRA Beauty (edited by me)
  • Light in a Stick ($26), highlight in Sinsational City
  • Eyes in a Stick ($24), eyeshadow in Blold and Once You Go Brown

  • Cheeks in a Stick ($24), blush in Sexy Hot Flash
  • What Lipstick? ($28), sheer lip color in Ask For a Raise and Younger Man

 Tyra has conveniently given us package options with excellent prices:
  • 2 minute TYover ($34.50), contour and highlight duo
  • 4 minute Tyover ($49.50), cheeks, eyes and lips
  • 6 minute TYover ($74.50), full face kit featuring one of each product

Smize *noun*. A fierce, sizzling eye expression, typically with the eyes squinting with maximum focus and intensity; the art of smiling with one's eyes. This collection features products that keep your eyes looking their best.
  • Smack My Lash ($28), mascara in Le Black
  • Oops Liner ($26), eyeliner & corrector in Black Black Black

It Factory products give you high-fashion allure inspired by Tyra's command of the catwalk.
  • Suede & Juicy ($32), lip color with two finishes and two looks in one
L-R: LOMO and Tyra's Favorite Red
  • Lip Model ($24), lip color with micro-mirror technology for shine
    L-R: What It Takes and Hater Blocker
I love the gold packaging and the bundle options in the TYover Collection. But I was disappointed to see these same deals weren't available for the other collections. The stand out products for me are the Oops Liner and the Suede & Juicy lip color. Overall, I would love to see more color options especially with the lip colors and blush. What do you think of the collection and its products, packaging and prices?

Happy Hunting!

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