DEAL ALERT: Kat Von D On Clearance at Sephora!

by - September 20, 2014

So one of my IG friends alerted me to the fact that Sephora has Kat Von D items in the clearance section in stores. They were found at both Sephora and JCPenney Sephora stores. I have not spotted any new items added to the online sale section yet but it may be added soon. I will update this post accordingly. Some people have spotted these items in clearance as early as a month ago so hurry to check your local store if you are interested in this deal. @SocialMediaOverload found Kat Von D lipsticks for only $8.99!

View this deal and more after the jump...

L-R: Backstage Bambi, Underage Red, Hellbent and A-Go-Go.
Here's the other items that have been spotted in clearance. Other shades may be included so be sure to check and comment below if you've spotted other items.
  • Everlasting Love Liquid Lipsticks* at $8.99
  • Eyeliners* at $4.99
  • True Romance*, Poetica**, and Esperanza Eyeshadow Palettes for $19
  • Lipsticks at $7-8.99. Confirmed shades include Backstage Bambi, Underage Red, Hellbent, A-Go-Go, Adora, Beranice, Valentine and F.T.W. 
*unconfirmed on which are specifically marked for clearance
**True Romance and Poetica palettes were recently in the sale section online and sold out 

If you would like to view more photos, you can see items found on clearance here, here, and here.

UPDATE>>> I was able to find the Lolita liquid lipstick and A-Go-Go. Unfortunately if you live in NYC, Manhattan Sephora stores don't have a sale section. An employee actually laughed when I asked. The JCPenney Sephora in Manhattan Mall does have a sale section, however, they were all cleared out of these but it's good to know for the future. I found my items at the JCPenney Sephora in Bay Plaza.

Happy Hunting!

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