ColourPop x Disney Villains: It's Good To Be Bad

by - March 20, 2019

I'm back with big news. ColourPop is bringing us another Disney collab and this time the villains get their chance to shine. And dare I say, they outshine the princesses in more ways than one. I mean, the always did have a flair and this collection proves just that. I LOVE Ariel and I did purchase her items from the previous collection, but overall it was very neutral and to me that wasn't exciting. The villains, however, do not disappoint when it comes to color. Enough talk, I'll give you what you came for so keep reading.
The full ColourPop x Disney Villains Collection
The villains included in this collection are Ursula, Cruella de Vil, Maleficent, The Evil Queen, Hades and Dr. Facilier. Kudos to ColourPop for including two male villains who probably don't get as much attention.
ColourPop x Disney Misunderstood Lux Lipstick Set, $48
Misunderstood Lux Lipstick Set, $48. The lux lipsticks will also be sold individually at $8 each. They include crème and matte finishes.
Ultra Glossy Lips, $7. This packaging! I'm already sold. Metallics are my fave and some definitely look metallic.
Misunderstood Pressed Powder Palette, $22. I don't know for sure but some shades looks like it might be their new pressed Super Shock Shadow formula or even possibly a pressed glitter. 

Gliterally Obsessed Body Glitter, $10. Again, loving the packaging. These are not eye safe btw even though you might've seen them used that way, but that is at your own risk fyi.
Jelly Much Shadows, $8
Super Shock Highlighters, $10. Killing the packaging again with these.
ColourPop x Disney Villains Collection PR Set
And that's all folks. No Super Shock Shadows this time unfortunately. That's the full collection and you can even get the PR set for $249. Was it everything you were hoping for? You may have noticed this collection has a small increase from the usual price of these items. Not sure why that is when they have done previous brand collabs, but it seems like they did pull out all the stops so that may have something to do with it. I'm sure fans will ask and we may get an explanation soon. The collection drops March 21st and like the previous Disney collection it will be available on and Shop Disney with select items launching as well at and select Ulta stores. What will you be picking up? I'm definitely going to pick up all things Ursula of course. 

Happy hunting!

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