Swatches: Wet n Wild MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Metallic Lipsticks

by - February 04, 2018

I have always been a big fan of Wet n Wild. I generally love all that they do but they’re not perfect. They have had some misses. Now I love their regular Catsuit liquid mattes. I don’t own the lighter nudes because they don’t suit my skin tone in my opinion but I do own all the rest including limited edition shades. Now while a shade or two may be a little streaky, it’s a solid formula and solid performer. For $5, you can’t go wrong and I recommend them all the time. I have titled myself their unofficial ambassador btw. I sing their praises anytime I am asked abut what makeup to try or where to start. (Side note: Wet n Wild used to designate bloggers as Beauty Ambassadors and when I started blogging it was a goal of mine to become one but unfortunately they don’t do that anymore or at least I don't believe they do except for celebrities.)
Now they’ve added metallic liquid mattes to their line up. So how do they match up to the original? I'll give you my first impressions. The formula unfortunately is not the same. I don’t know if the pigments make a difference in how the formula ends up but something isn’t the same. (Compare ingredients) I first noticed this with their Midnight Mermaid Collection. The shades are beautiful, have great pigmentation but they don’t dry down as a smudge proof matte as the regular liquid mattes. They are transfer-proof but one rub and it smears. I was really hoping that wasn’t the case for these new metallic liquid mattes. However, some have that same exact formula. I say some because there are others that are more sheer and they do fully dry down with a smudgeproof formula. Let’s take a look:
The top 4 shades, which include Honeyglaze, Satin Sheets, Ride On My Copper and Bali in Love as well as Life’s No Pink-nic apply more sheer. They’re more like lip toppers although Life’s No Pink-nic definitely is more opaque than the others. I’d suggest wearing these on top of a lip liner or on top of another liquid lipstick.  You could wear them on its own if you choose to but your lips may peek through as some shades aren’t opaque enough to fully hide the pigmentation of your lips. But they all applied evenly despite being sheer except for Bali in Love, which still looks streaky despite my efforts. However, these shades are all transfer-proof and smudgeproof. When rubbing there is very little transfer. 
The remaining three shades: Once In A Bronze Moon, Açaí So Serious and I Don’t Dessert You apply evenly and are pigmented. They are transfer-proof with minimal to no transfer when touched but when rubbed they fail hard at being smudgeproof. In that respect, it is the same as the Midnight Mermaid liquid matte metallics. So if you're someone who tends to touch their face a lot and smear your lipstick in general then maybe stay away from these but otherwise I'd say got for it. 
Do you plan on picking any of these up? Find them in your local drugstore or online on the Wet n Wild Beauty website.

Happy hunting!

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  1. YES! Thank you so much for talking about the actual wear and longevity in comparison to the other Catsuits!

    I am sure Wet'n'Wild launched these new metallic lip colors under their Catsuit name because those received well-deserved love but was skeptical about whether these kinds of shades could possibly have comparable dry-down and wear.

    The swatches are lovely as well.

    Thank you!


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