NEW Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Palette

by - October 19, 2017

Getting your glow on is one trend that has proven to last. I, for one, own more highlighters than I’ll ever need to highlight my entire body for a lifetime. But does that stop me from making another purchase? It definitely does not. I am more picky now to try to avoid dupes but if it’s affordable and good quality then I usually still purchase it. Case in point, Wet n Wild. I tend to purchase their stuff even if I know I have something similar because of my love for the brand and their low price point. Unfortunately, I think I may be skipping this one. Keep reading and you'll see why.
Their MegaGlo Highlighters have a beautiful design so they catch your eye right from the start. They also blend well, are pigmented and very affordable. A single shade at full retail value is $4.99 so if these shades are each in fact full-size then this palette is a great deal at $14.99. 
The Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Palette features 4 all-new shades. Plus all the shades are vegan and of course cruelty-free! 
Unfortunately these shades don't look ideal for darker skin in my opinion so I'll be passing for now. But if you have fair to medium skin this is a good deal especially if you don't have a crazy highlighter collection. This limited edition online exclusive palette is available for purchase now on the Wet n Wild website with a free kabuki brush promo!
Happy hunting!

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