NEW ColourPop Eyeshadow Palettes Now Available!

by - October 26, 2017

ColourPop just dropped two new eyeshadow palettes and not to be outdone they also launched 7 new brushes as well. But the palettes are clearly the star of the show. They boast a range of nudes that's sure to suit everyone. 

Element of Surprise ($16)

  • Feels: metallic soft opalescent pink
  • Late Night: metallic copper with gold duochrome
  • Silk Street: matte purple-fuchsia
  • Rayon: metallic dark coral with blue-green duochrome
  • Go With the Flow: matte true peach
  • Subdue: metallic lavender with blue-green duochrome
  • Opulent: metallic bright true fuchsia
  • Labyrinth: matte dusty pink
  • Blank Canvas: matte deep maroon
  • Sea Stars: matte medium yellow brown
  • Details: matte smoky burgundy sprinkled with hot pink glitter
  • Peace of Mind: metallic bright burgundy

I don't put too much faith in studio swatches I always prefer to see "real" swatches from trusted sources. These swatches are done by Colourpoppers
You Had Me at Hello ($18)
  • The Knot: metallic cool-toned ivory
  • Moon Struck: metallic soft gold
  • Two Peas: matte peachy beige
  • Candygram: metallic pinky red with gold duochrome
  • Winning Ticket: matte dusty mauve pink
  • FBO: metallic pink violet
  • Look-See: matte cool-toned plum
  • Fool's Rush: metallic golden bronze
  • Pulling Strings: matte warm saddle brown
  • Want U Back: matte dusty mauve brown
  • DTR: metallic silvery taupe
  • Sparks Fly: matte deep plummy brown
More swatches thanks to Colourpoppers. Btw this palette has a $2 price increase as it includes a mirror inside!
These palettes are available now on the ColourPop website. Are you picking one of these up?

Happy hunting!

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