ColourPop x Sephora is Launching Tomorrow (10/31)!

by - October 30, 2017

The day has finally arrived. Social media catapulted ColourPop to a household name and now they’ll be able to come home with you quicker than ever before. Starting tomorrow ColourPop will be available in select Sephora stores and online as well. Even if none of your local Sephora stores carry the brand you will still have access to faster shipping speeds especially if you signed up for 2 day flash shipping or are a VIB Rouge, which means it’s free. ColourPop promised their prices wouldn’t increase and that we’d also get some Sephora exclusives and they definitely delivered.
Golden State of Mind Shadow Palette, $26 (limited edition)
Features 20 glitter finish shades. Their first all shimmer palette!
Pan size is 0.035 oz/0.98 g. A full-size pan is 0.053 oz/1.5 g and the size of the pans in the previous CP palettes are 0.03 oz/0.85 g so these are smaller than full-size but larger than their other palettes plus it has 4 more shades than the usual 16 pan size, which is why it is priced more in case you were wondering.
Being able to swatch before I buy is a huge plus for me since with ColourPop it was always a guessing game or waiting to see swatches on someone of a similar skin tone first and hoping they were accurate. Also having the option to return a product I don’t like means I’ll likely order more because of that security so that’s not a plus for me as I’ll probably end up spending more in the long run. Previously if you ordered something you didn’t like you’d have to take that purchase as a loss because ColourPop doesn’t accept returns on used makeup due to the low cost of their products.

Here's the rest of the Sephora line up:

Semi-Precious Shadow Palette, $26 (limited edition)

Features 8 metallic finish shades with pans that are larger than their full-size singles at 0.07 oz/2 g each versus a full-size pan at 0.053 oz/1.5 g, which retails at $5 each.

Legit AF Highlighter Trio, $24 (limited edition)

This trio features 3 bestsellers and is sold in a set at retail as these are $8 each individually.

Polite AF Super Shock Shadow Collection, $30 (limited edition)

This set features best selling Super Shock Shadows in Sequin, Stereo, Birthday Girl, Birthday Cake, Drift and Deep Dive. These shades are also all available individually on ColourPop's site at $5 each.

Feelin' Fine Lip Gloss Trio, $18 (limited edition)

This set features 3 all-new Ultra Glossy (high shine) finish lip glosses.

You're A Gem Lip Trio, $18

This trio of all-new shades features 2 Ultra Satin Lips in Catching Feels (dusty brick red), Misbehaving (violet fuchsia) and 1 Ultra Glossy Lips Charming (gold with gold and pink glitter). 

Fluffy Super Shock Shadow, $5
warm gold with subtle pink duo chrome

Revolution Super Shock Shadow, $5
silvery mauve w/ pink and silver glitter

Bouncy Super Shock Shadow, $5
cool-toned bronze w/ gold and violet duo chrome

3 all-new glitter finish (my fave!) Super Shock Shadows

Amber Crystal Collection Bundle, $20 (limited edition)
A crystal-infused makeup set that includes a setting spray, liquid highlighter, and lip balm.
I was hoping to see some fan faves launching in Sephora as well but it seems like they’re pushing sets and not singles. It still means I’ll be able to try them first hand and if it needed I could  just order it directly from ColourPop if I want a permanent shade that Sephora is only selling in a set. But so far I think this is a good start. I’m a little worried about how this new venture affects their overall supply and restock rate for their own site. And does this mean they’ll finally slow down on releasing new collections so quickly? I doubt it but we shall see. What do you think of their Sephora debut and are you picking anything up? The collection will be available here anytime after Midnight.

Here's the list of select stores that will be launching ColourPop tomorrow as well:
Happy hunting!

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