The Wet n Wild Unicorn Glow Collection is Here!

by - May 23, 2017

Love it or hate it, unicorns are the latest trend. It started last year but picked up this steam this year. The trend's popularity has led Wet n Wild to release an entire unicorn themed collection and I ain't even mad. It's no secret I love Wet n Wild so obviously I ordered the collection already. The Unicorn Glow Collection Box features 9 products valued at over $40 for only $29.99. 
The box includes: 3 Color Icon Rainbow Highlighters, 3 Color Icon Loose Pigments, 2 Mega Last Prismatic Lip Colors, and 1 Unicorn Highlighting Brush. But don't worry, if you don't want to purchase the entire set each item is available individually as well. 

Color Icon Rainbow Highlighters, $5.99
T-B: Bronze Over the Rainbow, Unicorn Glow and Everlasting Glow. 
Use each shade separately or swirl together for the ultimate glow. 
Color Icon Loose Pigments, $2.99
L-R: Pegasus Flutter, Mythical Dreams, and Unicorn Wishes.L-R: Pegasus Flutter, Mythical Dreams, and Unicorn Wishes. 
If you haven't tried their loose pigments before, you're in for a treat. Don't let the price tag fool ya. These babies pack a punch especially when applied wet. Use them on the eyes as well your body and face for that unicorn  glow. 
MegaLast Prismatic Lip Colors, $2.99
L-R: Immortal Tears and Unicorn Soul. 
These lip colors can be used alone or as a lip topper to create a "prismatic pop" on top of any lip color. And while the entire collection may not be vegan, these lippies are so be sure to scoop them up as it's hard to find vegan makeup at these prices. 
Unicorn Highlighting Brush, $4.99
This brush is vegan and Cruelty Free of course as Wet n Wild is a Cruelty Free brand. It's definitely the must have item from the collection in my opinion. The iridescent shine of color on the black handle is just too pretty to pass up. I have most of the brushes in their permanent line and they're pretty good for the price. I'd recommend adding this one to your collection because at only $4.99, you can't go wrong. 
Purchase the entire collection or individual items from this collection on the Wet n Wild website. Available now. Are you/did you pick up anything from Wet n Wild's new Unicorn Glow Summer 2017 Collection? 

Happy hunting!

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