The Mermaid Brush That's Causing Quite A Splash

by - April 08, 2017

Image credit: @mermaid_salon
Being a part of the makeup community on social media has allowed me to see all the upcoming trends first. When this image came across my feed I knew it was gonna be the next "it" item. Mermaid anything in beauty is trending right now so chances are if you have a good product and it has a mermaid theme, it's going to sell. This brush is unique, interesting, comes in multiple colors and of course is marketed as a mermaid brush (even though I think it looks more like a fish). All the necessary components for a viral beauty product. Don't fall into the trap of buying a product just because everyone else is. Been there, done that.
However, if you truly love this product let me give you a little help as to where you can find it because it's not unique to the store everyone is promoting. In fact, a lot of their items aren't unique to their store. This is what I call a red flag. There's nothing wrong with being a private label business. This means you didn't create your products but rather purchased them wholesale from a manufacturer and had your logo or brand name printed onto said products. But my issue is when these businesses pretend as if they created these products themselves. You don't have go out of your way to make it known that you are a private label business but you shouldn't pretend that a hot new item is only official when purchased from your store. 
There's a "textured" option too now but I haven't seen them anywhere else but from sellers in China  
That is precisely what the Mermaid Salon is doing with this new viral beauty sensation, the mermaid brush. The same day they posted about this brush on their page I was able to find one listing on AliExpress. Now that the brush is super popular, it's everywhere. And then they recently announced an all new colorway, which features an ombre of purple and blue. And low and behold it is already listed on AliExpress. I mean what are the odds that this company who created this product would have their design stolen so quickly? (Insert sarcasm) Not to mention the fact that I saw another new addition, a light blue, which was available for purchase from China way before they even announced this "new" shade of theirs.
There's a "textured" option too now but I haven't seen them anywhere else but from sellers in China 
So while many may choose to purchase from this Australian company and pay their upcharged fee, I just ordered straight from China instead (cutting the middle man out) because that's exactly where these and pretty much all their other brushes are coming from. They are not the first "eBay brand" I've seen. I refer to them as eBay brands because they private label items bought wholesale from China rather than say Crown Brushes, a reputable brand that offers private labeling. Usually if you see the same makeup brushes offered by several companies that means they are from China. Now there's nothing wrong with that. Not everything on eBay from China is cheap crap. I've purchased many items that were quite useful and have held up well. But when you deliberately make a post showing your pending patent on the brush you supposedly created that's when I have an issue. I did in fact check on this so-called patent and it was filed the same day they posted it on Instagram. I don't know about you but something's fishy (no pun intended). If I created a unique item, registering my patent would be of the utmost priority. It wouldn't be an afterthought done to merely shut up the critics who like me are aware that they didn't create these brushes at all. 
Here's a set of different style mermaid brushes sold by sellers in China
These are currently a new style in "development" on their page but I found these already on AliExpress 
So if you want to get your hands on the viral sensation and don't mind waiting 2-4 weeks for shipping from China (I usually get mine within 2 weeks) then head over to eBay or AliExpress and search "chubby mermaid brush". You'll find a variety of options at different price points. The ombré one I recently purchased was only a total of $2.29, which is even less than the shipping you'd pay to get the "official" one. Thank me later. ;-)

Happy hunting!

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  1. The brush is very pretty but I am going to pass on it. Thanks for the review

  2. Thank you very much for the article. I have one of those "eBay brands" and was selling these brushes and promoting on Instagram. I didn't even know about Mermaid Salon until their loyal fans were sure to let me know that my product was "counterfeit". After some research, I found their patent to be a little fishy as well, but I stopped selling as a precaution. Good to see that someone else was thinking the same as me. Please keep me updated if you hear anything else. Thank you.


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