NEW Walgreens Barbie Makeup Collection

by - July 22, 2016

Image Credit: @tayshara17
Walgreen's next makeup collection features none other than Mattel's iconic fashion doll, Barbie. With a nod to her past, the packaging depicts Barbie as her original 1959 vintage former self. Barbie has many fans so this collection is sure to fly off the shelves by makeup junkies and collectors alike. This post is picture heavy so let's get to it because you'll want to run out to your local store right away. Please note many of these items may contain carmine, which would mean they're not vegan so be sure to check the labels. 
Walgreens Barbie Makeup Collection
Barbie Beauty Book
Inside the Barbie Beauty Book
I'm a fan of the Beauty Books. I like the idea of having a collection that can easily be lined up on a shelf. This one is cute too but the shades look ideal for light to medium skin tones and wouldn't work that well for me. The blush looks really nice too. Hopefully it's pigmented. I love how the Barbie logo is also on the other products in the beauty book a well. It's a cute touch.
Closeup of the eyeshadows in the Barbie Beauty Book
Barbie 'You're Blushing Blush' & Blush Set
Closeup of the Barbie 'You're Blushing' Blush & Brush Set
Barbie 'Dolled Up' Eyelash Curler, Mascara & Eyeliner Set

Barbie 'Doll Eyes' Eyeshadow Palette
Walgreens Barbie Makeup Collection
Barbie 'Shine On' 3 Piece Crayon Set
I have purchased one of these sets in the past so if you like color that's more on the sheer side then I'd recommend these.
Barbie 'Beauty-Full Lashes' Faux Lash Set
Barbie Lip Smacker 'Cotton Candy Love' Lip Balm
Barbie 'Litte Pink Dress' Nail Polish
Barbie 'Barbie Pink' Lipstick
Barbie Soho Beauty Makeup Bags
The makeup bags in this collection are by Soho Beauty as with past collection and they come in different sizes to fit your need.

Barbie Round Train Case, $11.99
Barbie Organizer, $9.99
Barbie Round Top, $7.99
Barbie Soho Beauty Makeup Brushes
Image credit: @freakumbee for Lip Drama
As usual the brushes are by Soho Beauty as well. The 3 Piece Contour Set (@freakumbee says this one is better in quality) includes a Stippling Brush for powder or foundation, an Angled Buff Brush for highlight and contour, and a Concealer Brush for touchups. The 6 Piece Eye Set includes a Shadow Brush, a Smudge Brush, an Angled Liner Brush, a Cream Shadow Brush, an Angled Shadow brush, and a metal case to keep your brushes clean and protected. I don't need any more brushes but I will probably pick up the contour set. It's really cute. Edit: So I picked up the 3 Piece Contour Set and I love it. The design is so cute and they brushes are well made. Reminds me of e.l.f. brushes. 

But for now since my local store didn't have the brushes out yet I picked up the lip products and the eyeshadow palette. Here's a closer look at them plus swatches too.
Barbie 'Barbie Pink' Lipstick swatched on dark skin
Barbie 'Doll Eyes' Eyeshadow Palette
Now while I love the design on this palette (the outside even says Barbie), I was very disappointed in how these swatched. While it doesn't say it the makeup in these Walgreens collections are manufactured by Markins (owner of Wet n Wild). However, these eyeshadows aren't on par with Wet n Wild at all or the past Disney Villains palette. So while the packaging is super cute, unfortunately I won't be keeping this. 
Barbie 'Doll Eyes' Eyeshadow Palette swatches on dark skin
Find this collection at your local Walgreens or online as well. The Soho Beauty bags and brushes are already available online here on The makeup products should be added online soon on the Walgreens and sites too.

Happy hunting!

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  1. I really like the brush set.....I don't need anymore brushes but I might pick these up, LOL

  2. This is soooooo cute. I really like the clear barbie makeup bag.

  3. I got the train bag And the make up bag brushes besutifull

  4. I got the train bag And the make up bag brushes besutifull people at eBay are selling these 40 And up redicules

  5. I purchased all of the products on clearance today. Please don't buy on ebay


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