NEW ColourPop Ultra Glossy Lips aka Lip Glosses!

by - July 21, 2016

The lip glosses are coming, the LIP GLOSSES are coming! It's no surprise that ColourPop has lip glosses launching soon as I have mentioned this before but now they are actually here. Well almost here anyway. I originally wrote these off as they had mini freebies they gave out as a promo for the Fourth of July and they looked quite sheer. I figured I'd definitely be skipping out on these because for sheer glosses I am quite satisfied with the brands that have a lower price point. But of course in true ColourPop style their Ultra Glossy Lips have not one but four different finishes so it caters to everyone.
The finishes are sheer, creme, metallic and ultra metallic. There are only two ultra metallic glosses for now, which are Crystal Ball and Cheat Code. But the label will simply read metallic as well. Below you'll find the description of each of the finishes and the applicator because we all know all are not created equal.
And here are all the shades on darker skin:
These launch today at July 21st at 12pm PST/3pm EST and don't forget they now have international shipping so yay. Also their collab items with Raye Boyce aka @itsmyrayeraye will no longer be sold after August 12th so get it while you still can. There are 21 total shades and will retail at $6 each. (Please excuse any errors for now. I uploaded this on the go from my phone. I will also add the credits for each photo, which are from ColourPop's Snapchat and @ColourPopFun.)
Happy hunting!

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