NEW Maybelline The Loaded Bolds Lipsticks Now In Store!

by - May 12, 2016

I am a huge fan of Maybelline especially their Color Sensational Matte lipsticks. So when I found out their were coming out with a new lipstick collection I was estatic. (You can read my previous post about their upcoming releases here.) So imagine my surprise and excitement to find them while doing some shopping for non-makeup items. Isn't that how it always happens? You go to Target for one thing but leave with a bag full of stuff you didn't go there for. But the good news is I'll have some swatches for you guys very soon. But for now here's swatches of the entire collection from Maybelline's Snapchat (edited by me):

The finish of these new lipsticks wasn't announced and the label just says "Bold". I haven't tried them just yet but they look matte.
The collection brings us 20 new shades, however, the display I found only had 18. The missing shades being Wickedly White and Pitch Black. But I'm sure these shades will make an appearance in the permanent displays once stores get around to adding those in. These were priced at $5.59 in Target. Expect a similar price point at Walmart and a higher price at other retailers like Rite Aid, Walgreens and CVS. What Loaded Bold shades do you plan on picking up?

Happy hunting!

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  1. Would seriously love a chocolate brown lipstick in my arsenal would love to see a swatch of chocoloholic (on your lips) since we actually have similar skin colors haha.

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