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by - May 25, 2016

I recently visited Harmon Face Values located in Chelsea and it's my new favorite store! It's like a cross between Bed, Bath and Beyond and a drugstore. Super organized and fully stocked with a large makeup section. Not to mention employees who are actually knowledgable and friendly too. Right away I noticed they had a huge assortment of brands and not only that but the selection was greater than usual as well. So it's no wonder I spent way more time in the cosmetics section than any normal person would. But if you're a makeup junkie like me you're sure to do the same. So if there's a Harmon Face Values in your city I implore you to go. You can check here to see if there's a location in your area. And if not then check out your local bed, Bath & Beyond, which may have a mini Harmon in their store if they carry makeup since that's their parent company.

I took bunch of pictures so I'll allow those to speak for me. You won't believe your eyes but seeing is truly believing.
Not only is the selection great but the prices are as well. Their price point is what you would find at Walmart and not at your local drugstore. And for someone who likes to save you can get some great deals in addition to the already low prices since Harmon accepts manufacturer coupons in combination with Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons.
Now that was just the makeup. I took pics of the rest of the store as well so you could see just how well stocked and organized their stores really are.
Do you see those displays on top? If you're a frequent beauty shopper then you know most stores get one or maybe even two of theses displays, which are usually for limited edition items or new releases. But an employee let me know that they typically order a minimum of 10 displays for any collection. So if you're like me and hate the hunt for limited edition cosmetics then you should definitely check out Harmon Face Values. It will save you a lot of time and heartache going from store to store only to find what you're looking for is already sold out.
And here's a look at the rest of the store because I seriously couldn't believe how organized they were and literally stocked from wall to wall.
This is their Trial & Travel section. Great if you want to sample a product first without paying more for the full size and even better for all your traveling needs. Like they seriously had everything.
And here's what I meant by wall to wall or should I have said floor to ceiling? I took this pic to illustrate that but also to show the selection. I didn't even know there were that many brands of toothpaste. So needless to say hey have a great product selection as well.
Harmon even offers a home delivery option
Garnier Whole Blends is a new line the company introduced recently and I was eager to try it. I purchased it at CVS only because there was a sale and I had coupons. The original price at CVS for the shampoo and conditioner was $3.99 each for the smaller size and $5.99 each for the larger sizes. Not that big of a price difference, although to me every penny counts. But for the hair masks CVS wanted $7.49 each and that's a big $2 difference from the price here at $5.49. I didn't purchase the mask at CVS even though I really wanted to try it but I will be picking one up from here. 
This pic I took because I saw this display as soon as I walked in the store. I remember people scrambling to find these Disney Tsum Tsum lip balms and you can find them overpriced on eBay because they are still apparently hard to find. But I walked in the store and found not only this display but another wall full of them. So again, if you're looking for a hard to find beauty item you now know where to look.
If you don't have a Harmon Face Values nearby you can always shop online. Don't forget to use Ebates. If you aren't a member you can sign up here and earn a free gift card of your choice with your first $25+ purchase.

Happy hunting!

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  1. Wow... I just commented on your insta and then read this post. This is AMAZING as well as dangerous for my wallet :) I live in Manhattan so you already know I'll be making a trip here ASAP! I've shopped Harmon at the Bed Bath & Beyond in Chelsea/Union Sq. area and was impressed by the selection so I can't wait to see what an actual store location looks like and has. THANK YOU THANK YOU <3 -Abby

  2. I LOVE that Harmons location and have been shopping there for the last 2 1/2 years! I had NO problem leaving Brooklyn just to go there.


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