Coastal Scents 99¢ Hot Pot Sale!

by - March 22, 2016

This Hot Pot sale does not occur frequently so whatever you're doing stop and start working on your list. I have a wish list on deck so when the sale comes I add them all to my cart. It's usually hot ticket items I missed out on last time and new shades I recently discovered. But you're in luck since I've tried a few and have some friends whose judgement I highly regard plus I've scoured the pages enough times so I also know the shades that have the most reviews, which means you need to check them out. Here's my suggested list to help you get started:

Oatmeal Tan
Flesh Tone
Chamois Nude
Raisin Berry
Chocolate Berry
Cherry Moss
Kokomo Cafe
Dark Chocolate
Maroon Berry
Dark Roast
Timeless Taupe

Sale ends on March 25th at 11am EST so you have time to get your cart together. A couple of shades have sold out including the ever popular Oktoberfest as it looks great all over the lid but works as the perfect crease/transition shade. I missed out on it again as I was busy googling to find swatches of new shades that piqued my interest. Oh we'll there's always next time. But don't be like me, get a move on and check out before your cart is empty. To help you out click this link here to get a code for $5 off your offer. Don't see any shadows you like? Then check out their brushes.

Happy hunting!

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