NEW LASplash Dia De Los Muertos LE Collection

by - October 26, 2015

LASplash Dia De Los Muertos Collection
>>>UPDATE: New release info!

LASplash is launching a limited edition collection of six shades and it will be their first with limited edition packaging. All shades are from their StudioShine Lip Lustre line, which are waterproof liquid to matte lipsticks.
Fairy tales do come true with our fairy dusted waterproof StudioShine Lip Lustre. Specially formulated for a long lasting happily ever after.
I would describe the StudioShine Lip Lustres as metallic or semi-metallic liquid lipsticks. I use the term semi-metallic because some of them have glitter, which gives them a metallic sheen. And I just learned, thanks to some fine print on their website, that if you gently rub your fingers over your dried lipstick it will activate the "fairy dust". I just tried this tip and it increases the metallic sheen. So if you want a more unique metallic look then try it. But make sure you rub gently as these lipsticks are transfer proof but if you rub too hard it will transfer to your fingers.
LASplash Dia De Los Muertos Collection
This collection is beautiful and I love the packaging. I'd get the whole set and it's possible a bundle may be offered. But if I had to choose just one shade it would be Catrina. (See close up below.) It is a very unique shade with its purple, blue and brown shift. Like a pigment in liquid lipstick form. However, this is also the shade I heard mentioned most so it's sure to be a hit. I hope LASplash considers making this permanent. Otherwise there's gonna be lots of sad makeup junkies out there.
LASplash Catrina StudioShine Liquid Lipstick
Image credit: @annubismakeup
These limited edition shades will be available today 10/26 10/28 at 12pm PST and will now be permanent so no need to fret if they sell out. Purchase them on the LASplash website, which is currently holding a promotion until the end of the month where with every five lipsticks purchased you can get a free pair of lashes. And the cherry on top is that you can use my coupon code MUA338 to save 10% off! 

Happy hunting!

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