Review: Jeffree Star Blow Pony Velour Liquid Lipstick

by - August 30, 2015

>>Update: I no longer support this brand so all posts except for my reviews have been removed. I have chosen to leave these up for now for those who may still find it helpful. If you would like a great summary as to why I no longer support this brand check out this video here and skip ahead to 19:44.
Blow Pony is described as a lavender pastel neon. It's an accurate description but it's not an overwhelming neon. Very wearable, although a bit of an attention getter. I don't mind the attention but if you do you can always tone it down with a dark lip liner. Otherwise, keep reading for swatch comparisons for an alternative. See my previous review here.
Jeffree Star Blow Pony on dark skin
From early looks at this shade some people expressed concerns that it might be similar to Kat Von D's newly released shade Ayesha. I knew they would be nothing alike as Ayesha is a more muted grey toned purple. But I decided to compare them anyway and they're nothing alike. So you need both.
Jeffree Star Blow Pony vs Kat Von D Ayesha on dark skin
In fact, I did some other swatches among my collection of over 50 purple shades and I don't own anything like either of those shades. So they're unique.

Purple lipstick swatch comparions on dark skin
However, I just received some new lipsticks in the mail and one looks very similar so I'll swatch it separately. There are a couple shades that could possibly be similar and although I don't own them I found some swatches for those as well. Check out the comparison swatches below:
Image Credit: @veganbeautyaddict
Jeffree Star Blow Pony swatch comparisons
Image Credit:@desilovesdisney55
Jeffree Star Blow Pony swatch comparisons
Jeffree Star Cosmetics vs NYX Cosmetics Sway swatches on dark skin
NYX Sway liquid suede lipstick is a pastel lavender as well but not neon so it's a softer color. And there is a difference in finish as well. It dries matte to semi-matte depending on how much product is applied but it doesn't have the second skin feel of the JSC velour liquid lipsticks. However, it's $7 versus $18 so it's a great option for someone on a budget just looking to add a lavender lipstick to their collection. My full review of the liquid suede lipsticks will be up soon.
Jeffree Star Cosmetics vs NYX Cosmetics Sway on dark skin
Below I have a picture of me wearing Blow Pony so you can see how it looks overall on my face. I don't mind wearing this shade without a lip liner but some may find this shade a little bright for their tastes. Btw did I mention that Jeffree Star Cosmetics shared my pic on their Instagram page?! It literally made my day.
Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blow Pony on dark skin
I love the shade and they seemed to have improved the uneven formula the previous pastel shades had. Two coats and it applied evenly. However, I did encounter an issue with it. It settled quickly into the lines of my lips, which was only noticeable when smiling. So using a primer or liner all over is advisable. Like the other velour liquid lipsticks Blow Pony is long lasting with 6-8 hour wear time and requires minimal touch ups. There is a slight wear in the center with extended wear. But if you eat anything greasy it will definitely need to be touched up especially near the center of the mouth but this is the norm with most liquid lipsticks. But overall I love this shade and recommend it despite its one shortcoming. Blow Pony is $18 and available for purchase on their website.

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