DEAL ALERT: Free Black Radiance Makeup at Rite Aid!

by - August 18, 2015

I was doing my local drugstore makeup check where I see if my local store had any new displays. Still hoping to find those Milani Amore Mattes for a friend but I like to look in general. I noticed the Black Radiance section of had lots of yellow tags on mostly all the items saying "$1.00 OFF".

Then I realized there were some $1.99 items, which would make it 99¢ after the automatic discount. I immediately checked my wallet to see if I had coupons left. I didn't so I checked the products and still found a few with the $1 off coupons attached. These can be found on the eyeshadow palettes, the finishing powders and some of the eye products as well. They don't expire until 12/2015 and don't specify which products you have to use it on. So whenever I see them still I take a couple. (Sorry not sorry.) 
Lucky for me I found six so I picked up 5 products that would be free and a brow gel that would cost me less than $1 with all the discounts. The eligible free items included mascara and pencil eyeliners. Their lipsticks, although $1.99, were not included in the sale for some reason. Now I have not couponed in Rite Aid much so I don't know how their system works and wasn't sure if a transaction that was below zero before taxes would go through, which is why I got one item that wouldn't end up being free. Either way, I really wanted to try the clear brow gel since I ran out and figured for the price I should give it a try.
My Rite Aid haul!
Now for some reason the coupons didn't scan. The system told the employee no item was found that the coupon could be applied to but I have used this in the past on other items without any issues so I just explained to him that the coupons don't specify what items they can be used on. That they were for any Black Radiance product, which is what I was purchasing. So the manager advised the cashier to enter them manually. So long story short, I left with free makeup. All I paid was 94¢ for the brow gel plus 70¢ in taxes. Yay me! The sale is listed online so it's shouldn't be a regional NYC sale. The tags did say the sale was valid until 8/29/15. If you go to your local Rite Aid for this deal, please let me know.

Happy Hunting!

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