NEW Wet n Wild Venice Beach Collection for Summer 2015 + Swatches

by - June 18, 2015

Image Credit: @macAh0lick
Wet n Wild Limited Edition Venice Beach Collection Color Icon 8-pan Palettes
The hunt for Wet n Wild limited edition items never ends lol. I know some of you guys are still looking for stuff from the previous collection. However, If you're a fan of this brand like me then you're already planning your route for tomorrow for all the stores you're going to check. I love that they're bringing out these bright shades for Spring. They remind me of Sugarpill shades, which means I really don't need these since I have their Pro Palette but if I find them I probably won't be able to resist. There's also lip glosses as well that are just as fun and bright.

A closer look after the jump...

Image Credit: @xoxo_chachi_xoxo
Here's a closeup of Boardwalk Boozing that really gives you an idea of how bright the shades are in these new palettes. They are also just as pigmented as you will see from the swatches below.
Image Credit: @freakumbee for Lip Drama
Wet n Wild Boadwalk Boozing (34526)
Image Credit: @freakumbee for Lip Drama
Wet n Wild High Flying Colors (34527)
When I first saw pics of the display, this palette was the one I was least excited about. However, this is one of my faves. The matte shades here are beautiful and not chalky at all. I also love the sweet combos these shades can make together.
Image Credit: @freakumbee for Lip Drama
Wet n Wild Hemporary Solutions (34577)
This palette is my fave out of all three. That coral shade is a beauty. All the mattes are but that stands out to me as I shade I don't have. The shimmers are very pretty as well especially the sea green shade.
Image Credit: @true_beauty_by_perla for Lip Drama
Look created using the Hemporary Solutions palette
Image Credit: __just__kim
Along with the palettes there are also new lip glosses as well. These too are limited edition and the displays hold limited quantities of each shade as usual. Although the shades are colored, I was told they all look clear when applied. However, you may see a hint of some color on less pigmented lips.

Six NEW LE Lip Gloss shades all with fun, quirky cocktail themed names:
  • Saved by the Bellini (34542), coral 
  • Am Tai Buy You a Drink? (34543), pink 
  • Appletini of My Eye (34544), green 
  • Zinny Dippin' (34545), purple 
  • Wil You Bloody Mary Me? (34546), red 
  • Lying on the Sand-Gria (34547), orange
Image Credit: @msluckydee13 for Lip Drama
Wet n Wild Venice Beach Collection Lip Glosses
Most likely there are also nail polishes that will be included in this collection as they usually are. I will update this post if I come across any. These have just started popping up so be patient a usual and check your usual drugstore locations. But these were found at Walgreens, however, I do not believe this is a Walgreens-Exclusive collection. It would usually say so. I was gonna try to hold out myself but seeing the eyeshadow swatches I know if I find them I will be picking up at least one, which must be Hemporary Solutions as its my overall fave. This collection is sure to go quick so be on the lookout. It's such a great affordable option for anyone wanting to try bold new shades without breaking the bank.

Happy Hunting!

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