Sneak Peek: NEW Melt Cosmetics Blitzed Lipstick

by - April 11, 2015

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I love my Melt Cosmetics lipsticks as much as I love wearing bold colors so a new bold shade from one of my favorite beauty brands just about made my week. Teal-green is perfect for Spring so I will definitely be putting this shade to good use.
A closer look after the jump...

Image Credit: @MeltCosmetics
Here's Blitzed compared with Blow and they make such a lovely couple. I will definitely be trying out some looks incorporating both shades.
Image Credit: @MeltCosmetics
Here's Melt Cosmetics CEO, Dana Bomar, wearing Blitzed on top with Blow on the bottom. These two shades would make a lovely ombre.
Image Credit: @DanaBomar
Blitzed will be available on April 14th at Noon PST. Thank god for not having to stay up late for a another makeup release! Melt Cosmetics usually has a good amount of stock available so that shades don't sell out within minutes but in a day or two it will definitely sell out. They have gotten a lot better with restocking their site but I'd set aside the $19 and $7 flat rate shipping now if you don't wanna risk waiting for it to restock. Blow will be restocked at this time too so you can try your hand at combos too if you don't already own it. But no worries because this is a permanent shade so even if you can't get it now it will definitely be back.

Happy Hunting!

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