DEAL ALERT: Target Beauty Clearance Sightings

by - December 29, 2014

Lots of Target clearance beauty items have been popping up on IG so I decided to do a post to round up some of the stuff people have been finding. So round up those coupons, add those Cartwheel deals and get ready to save some money. Keep in mind prices vary from store to store but if your heading to multiple Targets they will price match from your receipt if another location had a lower price.

Here's some of the items I spotted before Christmas:
All of the NYX sets including the Butter Gloss and the Soft Lip Cream sets have been marked down as well.
More deals after the jump...
Fragrances have already been spotted at 50% off since I took this pic and may already be lower in some stores
An OPI polish for less than $2. Yes, please!
Image Credit: @pinkyboonails for Lip Drama
Shea Moisture Mineral Blush in Konya Plum. Not sure if other shades are included. This makeup line is only available at select Target locations. 
Image Credit: @raesaves for Lip Drama
All the Burt's Bees holiday sets have been marked down. Thank you @she_coupons_too for the images.

Image Credit: @she_coupons_too for Lip Drama
Several Maybelline Color Tattoo Pure Pigments have been marked down.
Image Credit: @mini_qponerxo for Lip Drama
Special thanx to @viemoments for these clearance sightings from Maybelline and Cover Girl:

She also spotted Revlon's new Spotlight Tweezers with LED technology on clearance for only $3.99 ($12.99 original price).

There's lots more on clearance especially after Christmas. There are also lots of unmarked clearance items as well. Lots of items, which aren't technically Christmas related, are marked down because they were considered Stocking Stuffers. So although it doesn't have a clearance sticker just scan it to check the price. Here'a some examples:
Image Credit: @angelosmommie for Lip Drama
Image Credit: @clipclipsave for Lip Drama
The Rachel Roy eos trio is unmarked clearance at $3.99 and other eos such as the visibly smooth one are scanning as clearance as well. Baby Lips singles and Vaseline Lip therapy in Creme Brûlée scan as clearance too so if it's in the Stocking Stuffer section don't assume it's a mistake. Check the scanner! Also the One Spot Black Diamond and select Hello Kitty merchandise items have been marked down by 50%.

If you head to target and find some great deals let us know in the comments. I know I will be making a Target Run tomorrow. These deals are too good to pass up. I hope I find some of those eos. That wild berry is my newest fave!

Happy Hunting!

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