NEW NYX Wicked Lippies Swatches & Review

by - November 03, 2014

I am really loving the NYX brand more and more. My collection has grown exponentially in the last month. As a lipstick addict and lover of bold lips I was overjoyed when I learned about the Wicked Lippies Collection. I was trying to be budget conscious and only order the ones I just had to have but I really couldn't choose. So since I found a 25% off code I decided I should just get 'em all. So without further ado, here are the swatches I promised. A little later than I intended but here nonetheless.

A little Halloween inspired fun!
Full review of the collection after the jump...

Deep purple. Stained my lips pink, which I had to work really hard to clean off but this had excellent pigmentation. However, any smacking or rubbing of your lips leaves it uneven.

Aqua. Hard to get it to apply evenly. I'd suggest a lip brush with this color. No other complaints here. Lovely color.


Olive green with gold undertone. Easy application that applied evenly. Very wearable color especially for WOC. I can think of lots of ways to customize this with gold, bronze or Viva Glam Rihanna 2 lipglass maybe. Very unique color and def one of my faves.

Copper/Rust. Love! Again another very wearable shade especially for WOC I think. Like Trickery this shade can be customized for fun. Easy even application from the tube.


Dark teal. Has subtle silver shimmer. Even easy application. Leaves glitter behind after wiping off.

Stone Cold
Silver. This is actually the only color I had no interest in getting. But I wanted the complete collection so I got it anyway. This color is def not full coverage as my lips are still visible through this lipstick. I don't think it's great on its on but I think it can be combined for interesting look.  On the right I used a NYX Aqua Luxe lipgloss on top of Stone Cold and it made the gloss pop even more. 

Violet (Blue/Purple). Applies creamy but a little patchy. Touching lips together leaves the pink undertone peeking through. And it stains my lips pink as well. Immortal turned out to be the perfect match for OPI's Do You Have This Color in Stock-holm? Love the combo together.


Gold. More coverage than Stone Cold but still a little sheer. Applied evenly. It could be worn alone but probably best in combination with another color. 


Green with silver shimmer. Leaves some glitter beind when removing. Applied evenly.


Metallic rose with silver shimmer. Leans slightly lavender. Applied evenly. Very wearable color. Leaves behind glitter when removing. 

Cold Hearted
Slate gray with silver shimmer. Surprisingly I really like this one. It's not an everyday color but def unique. However, I did have an issue that happens occasionally with NYX lippies. My tube wouldn't stay up on its own but for the price I can't complain. I love the way the light reflects on it, which is why I included 2 pics to give an idea how lighting effects how the color looks. 

Royal blue with a hint of purple. Applied evenly. Look at how the light hits it in the pic on the right. Beautiful. One of my faves.

Overall I really like this collection. All of them were creamy and for the most part applied evenly with ease. They are priced at $6 each and features the look of the matte lipsticks with a black tube and see through window that reveals the color.

Happy Hunting!

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